Breaking the Code: Why Some Pokémon Don’t Obey- Top Reasons and Solutions!

Breaking the Code: Why Some Pokémon Don’t Obey- Top Reasons and Solutions!

Pokémon is a game that has captured the hearts and minds of many. Since its inception in 1996, the game has remained relevant, with the most recent releases receiving critical acclaim. Pokémon is beloved because it taps into something in our basic human nature, our love for exploration, and discovery. This game is about catching and training Pokémon, then using them to battle other trainers. Every Pokémon has certain abilities, and each has a personality that can affect how much it is willing to obey its trainer.

The bond between a trainer and his or her Pokémon is one of the driving forces behind the game. However, there are instances where a Pokémon may not follow your commands. This can be frustrating, especially when you have put in time and effort into training your Pokémon. This may leave you wondering why your Pokémon won’t obey, or what you can do to fix it. In this article, we will discuss the top reasons why some Pokémon may refuse to obey their trainers and offer solutions to this problem.

Reason 1: Your Pokémon’s Happiness

One primary reason why your Pokémon may not obey you is because of its happiness level. In Pokémon, happiness is measured by a statistic known as “friendship.” Pokémon that have a high friendship level will work better for their trainers. A Pokémon’s friendship can decrease when it becomes injured, faints in battle, or when its trainer does not take care of it.

Solution: The Solution to this problem is quite simple. You only need to raise your Pokémon’s happiness or friendship level. You can accomplish this by feeding your Pokémon, taking it to the spa, or using items like pokeblocks.

Reason 2: Your Pokémon’s Level

Another reason why some Pokémon may not obey their trainers is due to the level difference between the Pokémon and the trainer. Each Pokémon has a set level that determines how much it can be controlled by its trainer. If your trainer level is lower than that of your Pokémon, it will sometimes refuse to obey you.

Solution: The Solution to this problem is to level up. You may need to grind and earn experience points to level up your trainer. You can accomplish this by battling other trainers or catching wild Pokémon.

Reason 3: Your Pokémon’s Nature

The personality, also known as nature, of the Pokémon you are training is another factor that can affect its obedience. Some natures increase a Pokémon’s willingness to obey, while others may encourage disobedience.

Solution: This reason doesn’t have a direct solution, and this issue may require you to get a new Pokémon with a nature that will increase its obedience to its trainer. Consider nature when catching new Pokémon and trade with friends to get a Pokémon with the right nature.

Reason 4: Your Pokémon’s Stats

The stats of a Pokémon can affect how much control you have over them. Some stats, like speed or attack, may make your Pokémon more independent, thus more challenging to control.

Solution: The Solution to this problem is to balance your Pokémon’s stats. Invest in the stats that increase your Pokémon’s obedience level. You can do this by tinkering with a Pokémon’s moveset or by using vitamins like calcium, iron, and protein.

Reason 5: Your Pokémon’s Move Set

The moves of a Pokémon can have a significant effect on its obedience. Some Pokemon use moves that can change the terrain of a battle or turn its enemies to help its trainer. Sometimes, these moves can cause more harm than good.

Solution: The Solution to this problem is to adjust your Pokémon’s move set. Plan your strategy carefully and think about which moves your Pokémon should keep and which ones to discard. You can also use Items and Berries to increase your Pokémon’s obedience.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why a Pokémon may not obey its trainer, and not all of them are due to disobedience. Happiness, level, nature, stats, and moveset can all affect the obedience of your Pokémon.

As a trainer, you need to be observant and creative to overcome these roadblocks. Use the solutions provided above, and remember to show love to all your Pokémon while training them.


Q: What is obedience in Pokémon?
A: Obedience in Pokémon is the measure of a Pokémon’s willingness to follow its trainer’s commands.

Q: How can I raise the happiness level of my Pokémon?
A: You can raise your Pokémon’s happiness level by keeping it healthy, using Pokeballs, playing with it, and using herbs or berries.

Q: Can my Pokémon disobey me during gym battles?
A: If the level of your Pokémon is too high, it may refuse to obey you during a gym battle. This is because some gym leaders and elite trainers require Pokémon with certain levels to compete.

Q: What are vitamins in Pokémon?
A: Vitamins are items that add effort points to a Pokémon’s base stats.

Q: What is an example of a nature that increases obedience?
A: Jolly and Adamant natures typically boost a Pokémon’s willingness to follow directions.

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