Breaking the Boundaries: Why your Pokemon don’t obey and How to Fix it

Breaking the Boundaries: Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey And How To Fix It

As a Pokemon Trainer, one of the most frustrating experiences is having your Pokemon disobey your every command, more so when they have been with you for some time. This disobedience can hinder your progress in battles and even make you lose. But why do Pokemon disobey their trainers? How can you fix it? In this article, we will explore the reasons why Pokemon disobey trainers and provide you with practical solutions to fix it.

Reasons Why Pokemon Disobey Trainers
1. Your Pokemon is too powerful: If your Pokemon is too powerful compared to the badges you have, they may ignore your commands as it considers itself the stronger one.
2. Lack of affection: If you do not give your Pokemon enough attention and care, their loyalty towards you may decrease, leading to disobedience.
3. Your Pokemon’s nature: Some Pokemon have stubborn or independent natures, making them more hesitant to follow your commands.
4. You caught your Pokemon at a high level: If you catch a Pokemon at a high level, they might not listen to you until you have gained their trust through training.
5. Your Pokemon is hungry or tired: Pokemon get hungry or tired like humans, and it can affect their performance in battles.

How To Fix Pokemon Disobedience
1. Increase Affection: Play with your Pokemon, give them their favorite food, and take them on regular walks. Doing this increases their affection level, making them more likely to obey you.
2. Train Your Pokemon: Train your Pokemon to gain experience and level-up. As their level increases, they will become more obedient.
3. Use Poke Puffs: Feeding your Pokemon with Poke Puffs is an excellent way to increase their affection for you.
4. Use Gym Badges: Gym badges increase the level of Pokemon that you can catch and make them more obedient.
5. Use TM/HM moves: Teach your Pokemon TM/HM moves to improve their stats and make them more trainable & obedient.
6. Ensure That Your Pokemon Is Rested: When your Pokemon is tired or hungry, they may not obey your command, so make sure they are well-rested.

Pokemon disobedience can be frustrating, but with the above solutions, it can be fixed. Remember to increase your Pokemon’s affection, gain their trust by training them, and ensure that they are well-rested. Breaking the boundaries and defeating the Gym Leader can be easy with well-trained obedient Pokemon.

1. Question: Can I use a cheat tool to fix Pokemon disobedience?
Answer: No, using cheat tools to fix Pokemon disobedience is illegal and can get your account banned.
2. Question: Can I punish my Pokemon for not obeying me?
Answer: No, punishing your Pokemon for not obeying is not recommended. Instead, try to fix the root cause of disobedience.
3. Question: Can giving my Pokemon rare candies fix their disobedience?
Answer: Rare candies can level up your Pokemon, but it won’t solve disobedience issues. Consider increasing your Pokemon’s affection or using TM/HM moves.
4. Question: How can I check my Pokemon’s affection level?
Answer: You can talk to Pokemon-Amie trainers in some Pokemon Centers or install the Amie mod.
5. Question: Can legendary Pokemon be obedient?
Answer: Yes, legendary Pokemon can be obedient if they are well-trained, cared for and leveled up correctly.

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