Breaking Bad: When Pokemon Disobey and How to Handle it

Breaking Bad: When Pokemon Disobey and How to Handle it

Pokemon have been a part of our childhood and continue to captivate us as adults. As trainers, we strive to train them and take them on adventures, but sometimes our Pokemon may refuse to obey us. This can be frustrating, and we may wonder why our beloved companions are being disobedient. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind Pokemon’s disobedience and how to handle it.

1. Understanding Disobedience

The first step in dealing with disobedient Pokemon is to understand what disobedience means. Disobedience occurs when a Pokemon refuses to listen to commands, moves slower than usual, or outright ignores the trainer. This can be due to various reasons, including level, friendship, and badges.

2. Level

In the early stages of training, Pokemon are prone to disobedience, especially if their levels are higher than the trainer’s. A disobedient Pokemon might disobey orders, resulting in a loss during battles. As a trainer, it is essential to level up the Pokemon continuously to match or surpass the trainer’s level.

3. Friendship

Another primary factor in a Pokemon’s obedience is its friendship level with its trainer. Pokemon that are not close to their trainers are more likely to disobey. Therefore, it is crucial to bond with your Pokemon by spending time with them, letting them out of their Pokeballs, and feeding them. You may also give them items such as vitamins that raise their friendship level.

4. Badges

In some instances, disobedient Pokemon could ask for more badges before obeying the trainer. In the game, players must go to different regions and collect badges to have authority over higher-level Pokemon. It is crucial to obtain badges regularly to gain a Pokemon’s trust and obedience.

5. How to Handle Disobedient Pokemon

When a Pokemon is disobedient, it is important to remain calm and avoid shouting or hitting them. Such actions may increase the Pokemon’s disobedience level, leading to more frustration for the trainer. Instead, you may use items like the TM (Technical Machine) to teach a new move or a Rare Candy to boost their experience. You may also show patience and consistency to your Pokemon; for example, repeating a command several times could eventually yield results.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, dealing with disobedient Pokemon can be challenging, but it is vital to understand the underlying reasons. We have highlighted the common reasons for disobedience, including level, friendship, and badges. We have also covered the importance of showing patience and consistency when handling disobedient Pokemon. Remember, it is crucial to build and maintain a strong bond with your Pokemon to minimize disobedience levels.


1. Can bad Pokemon obey their trainers?

Pokemon with negative natures may disobey their trainers regardless of their level, friendship, or badges.
2. Can Pokemon disobey despite having max loyalty?

Yes, it is possible for Pokemon to disobey regardless of their loyalty. However, this is a rare occurrence.
3. Can players use potions to raise Pokemon’s obedience levels?

No, players cannot use potions or any other healing items to raise Pokemon’s obedience levels.
4. Can disobedient Pokemon evolve?

Yes, disobedient Pokemon can still evolve to higher levels.
5. Can feeding your Pokemon change obedience levels?

No, feeding your Pokemon alone cannot change obedience levels. However, it might help raise friendship levels, which could contribute to higher obedience levels.

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