Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!

Well, strap on your sneakers and grab your smartphone, because in this exhilarating ride known as “Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!”, you’re about to become the Pokétrade prodigy that you were always destined to be. Get ready for an amusingly enlightening journey that will debunk all the myths and spill the secrets to conquering the world of distant Pokémon trades, saving you from those possessively cute digital monsters that refuse to be swapped. Next stop – glory! Let the Pikachu-palooza commence!

Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!

Understanding Pokemon Go Distance Trading

Pokémon GO is not just a game; it’s a lifestyle. And part of living the Pokémon GO lifestyle involves mastering the fine art of distance trading. Don’t know what that means? Well, sit tight, and prepare to have your Poké-mind blown.

Definition of Distance Trading

Let’s get right into it. distance trading in Pokémon GO refers to the process of swapping Pokémon with another player located a certain distance away from you. This distance impacts not only the mechanics of the trade but also the benefits you obtain from it.

How to Determine Trade Distance

Determining the trade distance in Pokémon GO is not rocket science. All you need to do is check the location where each Pokémon was caught. The distance between these two locations determines the trade distance.

Importance of Trade Distance in Pokémon GO

Why should you care about the trade distance? Well, there are certain perks that come with trading Pokémon over long distances. These can include more Stardust (everyone loves Stardust), a higher chance of a Pokémon turning shiny (who doesn’t love shiny?), and even Pokémon evolution that only happens through trading.

Trading Mechanism in Pokémon GO

So how exactly does trading work in Pokémon GO? Is it just a matter of throwing your Pokémon into a digital void and hoping for the best? Not quite, my friend, not quite.

Basis of Trading System

The trading system in Pokémon GO is based on players swapping Pokémon with each other, facilitated through an interface within the app. This allows players to exchange their caught monsters, whether it’s to help fill up each other’s Pokédex or just to show off that shiny Charizard.

Requirements for Trading

Just like there are rules in the Pokémon arena, there are rules for trading too. Both players need to be at least Level 10 or higher and must be friends in the game. Also, both you and your recipient have to be within 100 meters of each other for the trade to work.

Limitations in Trading

Now, onto the limitations in trading. First and foremost, legendary Pokémon, shiny Pokémon, and Pokémon not in your Pokédex need something called a Special Trade. Sadly, you’re only allowed to make one Special Trade per day.

Benefits of Distance Trading in Pokémon GO

Distance trading is not just a cool feature; it comes with its own set of perks. They have added benefits over local trades, so you’ll need to harness this power like a true Pokémon master.

Increases chance of getting Shiny Pokemon

Trading Pokémon across great distances can sometimes turn regular gray Pokémon into shiny Pokémon. Imagine getting a shiny Pikachu without all the hard work! It doesn’t get better than that.

Accumulation of more Stardust

The greater the distance between the two Pokémon being traded, the more stardust you get. As we all know, Stardust is the secret sauce that makes your Pokémon stronger, so this is an excellent benefit especially for those power gamers out there!

Enables getting Regional Pokemon

Want a rare, regional Pokémon but don’t have the budget for international travel? Distance trading has you covered! By trading Pokémon with friends across the globe, you can get regional Pokémon without leaving your comfy couch.

Strategies for Boosting Distance Trades

Transforming your distance trading from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ is easier than you think. All you need is a pinch of strategy, mixed with a dollop of Pokémon savvy.

Increasing Friends List

Having a bigger circle of Pokémon friends improves your chances of getting trades from far-off lands. After all, the catchment area for a one-man show is much smaller than that of a global audience!

Using Lure Modules

Lure modules attract Pokémon to a PokéStop for a certain period, and these are perfect for increasing your pool of Poké contenders for trades. The more Pokémon, the better the trades, right?

Trading during Specific Game Events

Pokémon GO regularly hosts events that offer specific Pokémon, extra Stardust, and more. Timed trading during these events can dramatically boost your distance trades.

Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!

Circumventing the Distance Limit in Trades

Ever wish you could trick Pokémon GO into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not? Well, you can, thanks to “spoofing.” But beware, there’s a risk involved!

Using Spoofing Techniques

Spoofing allows you to trick Pokémon GO into believing you’re in another location. This allows you to get Pokémon from distances far greater than the limit. However, it’s a grey area that we advise against because it affects the sanctity of the game.

Understanding the Risks involved

Every cheat has a penalty, and spoofing is no different. If caught, you risk being banned from Pokémon GO. And let’s be honest, no Pokémon is worth that.

Alternative to Breaking Distance Limit

If you don’t want to risk spoofing, consider joining international Pokémon GO groups and making friendships worldwide. Sure, it’s slower, but it’s definitely safer!

Role of Location in Distance Trading

The world is your PokéStop. But how important is your real-world location when it comes to distance trading in Pokémon GO?

Effect of Physical Distance on Trade

The further you are from the person you are trading with, the better the bonus you are going to receive after the trade. Distance has a huge impact on the amount of Stardust you receive and the chance of the Pokémon becoming lucky.

Choosing Locations for Maximum Trade Benefits

To milk maximum benefits from distance trades, consider trading Pokémon with trainers in different continents. The further, the better!

Relocating Pokemon

Did you catch a Pokémon in New York and trade it with a friend in Sydney? That Pokémon is teleporting over 15,000 km! This, my friend, is a clear win in the world of distance trading.

Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!

Gaining Stardust through Distance Trading

Ever wondered how lucrative distance trading is in the context of gaining Stardust? Allow me to enlighten you.

What is Stardust

Stardust is the magical power-up currency in Pokémon GO. It’s what you use to level up your Pokémon or teach them new things.

Role of Stardust in distance trading

In trading, Stardust plays a crucial role. The amount of Stardust you receive after a trade is directly proportional to the distance between the two trading locations. Longer distances equal more Stardust.

How to Maximise Stardust Through Distance Trading

An excellent strategy to maximise Stardust in distance trading is by choosing Pokémon caught in far-flung locations. So, trade your New York Pikachu for a Sydney Kangaskhan any day, and watch your Stardust multiply!

Trade Evolution in Pokémon GO

Here’s something for those who enjoy the finer aspects of Pokémon wisdom – Trade Evolution. This is when Pokémon evolve, not through battles or candies, but through trading!

Understanding Pokémon GO Trade Evolution

In trade evolution, certain Pokémon can evolve when traded. How do they do so? Well, simply through the power of friendship (and smart algorithm, of course)!

Distinction from Regular Evolution

Regular evolution in Pokémon GO involves the use of candies. Trade evolution, on the other hand, costs nothing. It’s a perfectly strategic way to save those rare candies for rainy days!

Role of Distance in Trade Evolution

Distance plays a crucial role in trade evolution. The further the Pokémon has traveled in a trade, the higher the chance of a trade evolution. And remember, trade evolution means free evolution!

Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!

Distance Trading and Friendship Levels

In Pokémon GO, friendship isn’t just about emotional bonding; it’s strategic!

Link between Distance Trading and Friendship Levels

Distance trades can level up your friendship with other trainers. The higher your friendship level, the more bonuses and perks you unlock in trading.

Increasing Friendship Levels for Better Trades

Trading regularly, sending gifts, and participating in raid battles together are some ways to boost your friendship level and thus your trading benefits.

Getting Best Friends Bonus through Distance Trades

Going the distance in trading not only brings Stardust and shiny Pokémon but can also unlock the best friends status. With this, you get additional bonuses and bragging rights in your Poké-circle!

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Distance Trading

Now that you’re equipped with basic knowledge, let’s switch it up a notch with some advanced tips and tricks.

Understanding Weather Boosts

Weather conditions in the game can increase the CP and HP of Pokémon, making your trades even more lucrative. So, don’t forget to check the weather before you start trading.

Using Incense to Attract More Pokémon

Incense in Pokémon GO acts as a lure to attract Pokémon to your location. More Pokémon means more trade options!

Trade Timing to maximise benefits and save resources

Timing your trades strategically, such as during events when there are bonuses, can maximise your benefits and save precious resources like Stardust and candies.

And voila! You are now armed with all the knowledge you need to become a Pokémon GO distance trading master! Now go forth and trade!

Boosting Your Trades In Pokémon GO: The Distance Trading Guide!

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