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Master Chief vs Doom slayer

Now We Can Have The Master Chief & Doom Guy Cross Over We Wanted

Now We Can Have The Master Chief & Doom Guy Cross Over We Wanted If you have not heard yet that Microsoft bought Bethesda it is probably because you live under a rock! The tech giant, colossal giant, together with Xbox decided that in order to fix their exclusivity issues with not having exclusive titles … Read more

Bethesda Bought by Microsoft & Xbox

Sony Only-Fans Reckoning Is Coming

Sony Only-Fans Reckoning Is Coming      If you are a PlayStation only fan and that is the only place that you play video games on and you have been bashing Xbox fans for not having exclusives and you are a Bethesda fan then be prepared because you are getting a taste of your own … Read more

is g fuel bad for you

Is g fuel bad for you? – Lead? caffeine? Gfuel FAQ

Is g fuel bad for you and what does it actually do? GFuel is an energy drink specifically made for gamers and esport athletes. At first Gfuel was only available in powder form, meaning you bought a tub of powder and needed to mix it with water yourself. As of recently Gfuel also offers cans … Read more

what is twitch

Discover What Is Twitch? And how to not fail at it What is Twitch? When a family member asks you “What is Twitch?”, what do you say? How do you explain to someone what Twitch is or what you do on Twitch, if they have never even heard the term streaming or broadcasting? With Thanksgiving around the corner, family members will ask you what you … Read more

Microsoft bought Bethesda - Will Kojima Come Back?

Microsoft bought Bethesda – Will Kojima Come Back? On September 21st Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion. ZeniMax Media is the holding company behind Bethesda, which is mostly known for their cult games Doom, the Fall Out franchise, The Elder Scrolls Online as well as Dishonored. By acquiring Bethesda Microsoft is not only looking to solve some of their problems, but … Read more

audible for free

How to get Audible for free – Complete Guide

But is it possible to have Audible for free forever? Absolutely yes, The only complication is that the entire Audible system is protected and therefore it is absolutely impossible to crack it or use some illegal method to have endless days and books. So how do we do it? Nothing could be easier, after several … Read more

My Top 5 Counter Strike Players

My Top 5 Counter Strike Players I have followed the Counter strike scene for about 15 years, in that time i’ve watched the esports scene surrounding Counter Strike grow. From dusty old conference rooms to packing out major arenas, CS has seen some great pass through the majors in them years, this is my top 5 pro players of all … Read more

What To Upgrade First

What To Upgrade First The world of livestreaming is filled with flashy lights and bright annoying marketing campaigns, advertising the latest energy drink, hardware and software. Once you enter this world there is no going back. It seems that the flashier your stream the better and faster your stream will grow. The same saying that people often use … Read more

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