Black Desert Online Xbox Series X Performance is the BEST ever! ​

Black Desert Online Xbox Series X Performance is FINALLY Good!

 We all know how BDO plays on the consoles specifically Xbox one and PS4 with their slow HDD. The game is playable, but only if you’re doing PVE things and not PVP. Even with the PVE stuff for some even that might not be acceptable levels of performance, because it suffers from a ton of texture popping frame drops and makes 30 FPS feel crappy compared to other games like the Witcher 3 running at 30 FPS. Plus don’t even get me started on loading times. 

 If you ended up quitting black desert online on the Xbox platform because of its performance I invite you to reconsider playing it again on the new generation of Xbox.

 I have been able to play the game on Xbox series X in 4K mode and performance mode and I can say that it does run at a good 60 FPS or 30 FPS 4K mode.

 It is not optimized for the new console yet therefore I am excited to see when that update comes out how the performance stacks up to the current version of the game.

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The Loading times alone are worth your time! It will load so quick that you need to watch the YouTube video in this article to truly understand the implications of how much fun you can have with this game now.

Besides that I would argue that you can now enjoy the game as it was intended to be played so stop reading this watch the YouTube video and go play the game! Stay put here on for your daily fix a video game and tech related new
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