Best Good Cross Play Games 2021

This is Streaming Live Academy’s Best Good Cross Play Games 2021 and we will keep updating it as the games keep coming so strap on and hold on to your butts!

PS: Lots of these titles are Free To Play which are now Free to Play even without Xbox Live Gold and some paid titles will or are in the Xbox Game Pass so check our guides to those for some money saving tips.

  1. Fortnite – Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, Android.
Best Cross Platform Games

If you don’t know what Fortnite is then you have been living in another planet cause this game is everywhere and honestly it is as playable on any device as Minecraft is, but that was until Epic and Apple got into a big boys fight over world domination so now Fortnite is not available on one of the most important platforms out there.

The fact is that you can still play Fortnite cross platform so it makes it into this list and more then likely after Apple and Epic finish their fight over there well be able to get back to enjoying Fortnite on iOS which showcased 120 FPS on iPad Pro devices and always looked amazing on Apple hardware. Anyway 120 FPS on Xbox Series X|S plus 4K and great looking graphics are available for those that area able to grab a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

2. Halo Master Chief Collection – Xbox, PC.

Best Cross Platform Games

You can enjoy one of the best cross play packages around not in platforms, but numbers! Halo MCC makes it to the Best Good Cross Play Games 2021 because it allows Xbox users to play with PC users in up to 8 group party matchmaking online! Most games will top out at 4 or 5, but Halo MCC goes all the way to 120 FPS and 4K on the Xbox Series X|S and 8 party size.

3. Dead by Daylight – Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC.

Best Cross Platform Games

Alright alright it is not fair that the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of the game play at 60 FPS and the older PS4 and Xbox One devices run at 30 FPS and are choppy, but hey you want to be tortured and scared then what are you complaining about? Anyway besides being a really fun cross play game Dead by Daylight makes it to the Best Good Cross Play Games 2021 cause it allows players from so many platforms to scream together and well die too. No Mobile though.

4. No Man’s Sky – Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Best Cross Platform Games

This title has gone thru so much dram and changes, yet it managed not deliver the vision it originally promised and more. This males it to the list of Best Good Cross Play Games 2021, because it now allows all console players to explore a vast and interesting universe. This is a game that showcases what a developer that truly loves their game and cares plus has the financial opportunity to fix a broken dream kind of scenario can end up looking like. It is a limited to the 4 player group situation like a lot of other games, but can you blame it? Halo Master Chief Collection is really the only game I can think of besides a handful of other titles that deliver on more than 4 player cross play action.

5. Rocket League – Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC.

Best Cross Platform Games

Rocket League recently added the 120hz mode to their game on the Xbox Series X|S and let me tell you that the older Xbox and PS4 consoles can do 60, but the Nintendo Switch leaves a lot to be desired with its 30 FPS mode which makes it a bit of a sour thumb when playing online against the higher end devices, but none the less fun can be had and specially since it is free to play and with the new Xbox Live Gold removal for free to play titles it is awesome to know you can hop on the fun for 100% free.

6. Minecraft – Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, iOS & Android

Best cross platform games

Minecraft was before Fortnite and so it was with it that it made the cross play between anything and everything possible. The Mojang version won’t do it, but the Pocket Edition, Windows 10 edition and all modern versions of Minecraft are able to play with each other online no matter iPhone, Android, PC, Switch, etc. The sad one that did not make the cut was the poor 3DS, but what did you expect of a dying device.

7. ARK: Survival Evolved – Xbox, PC.

Best cross platform games

If you want a game that allows as much or more than Halo Master Chief Collection allows in a group or lobby of players then look no further than ARK: Survival Evolved. It is allowing a staggering 18+ people to play together in a world full of fun and pain mostly due to the bugs, but if you can see past that you will know why this game made it to the Best Good Cross Play Games 2021 list of Streaming Live Academy.

PS: Make sure that you get the Windows Store version of ARK if you wish to play with Xbox Players cause the Steam version does not allow it.

8. Sea of Thieves – Xbox, PC.

Best cross platform games

This started as a beta in my opinion, it was not, but let us be honest and recognize that it was a shell when compared to what it is now. Sea of Thieves makes it to the Best Cross Platform Games of 2021 cause it only allows 2 platforms, but in similitude to ARK Survival Evolved it provides an experience so unique and fun that it is worth adding it cause who doesn’t want to yell “iceberg ahead campaign” or “abandon ship!” To their friends…or your own small ship if you prefer to roll a bit more like Jack Sparrow.

9. Call of Duty Warzone – Xbox, PC, PlayStation.

Best Cross Platform Games

This one was a surprise when it first came out on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, yet it wasn’t. It was released separately from Modern Warfare and it was one of the first after Fortnite of the popular Battle Royales to allow Console and PC players to duke it out together or against each other across platforms.

It has been receiving a plethora of updates and mixing the modern warfare and Cold War games with Warzone to keep things fresh and relevant so, for now, it seems that it is here to stay so we can recommended in our Best Good Cross Play Games 2021 List.

10. Paladins – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

This has been a surprise for Richie Rich Labs owner ENDWARO7 as to being a really good alternative to Overwatch. The game came out around 2018 and has been growing in popularity plus it was first, before Overwatch, to Cross play by allowing all platforms to play together except for a little while PlayStation cause Sony likes to be stubborn and greedy at times.

We do feel for the Nintendo Switch players having to up against PC and Xbox Series X – PlayStation 5 players, but all is fair in social none competitive gaming we say.

11. Rogue Company – Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, PC.

This is a game that has gotten me, ENDWARO7, happy to play corner popping over shoulder meta for hours! It is cross play so that adds to the reasons why I would play it cause if it didn’t it would lose a lot of its value, but it is free to play so you put in as much as you want and boy have I put money into it.

Dr Disrespect has his skin in the game and playing against all platforms is a great detail that puts it in our list of Best Good Cross Play Games 2021 and it has a unique over the top personality that makes it a fun interesting game to visit.

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