Best 10 star projectors: Indoor views of the night sky and galaxy projector lamp

If you love to stream but your room is not niche enough, we suggest buying a galaxy projector lamp. It will totally change your room vibe.

Do you love looking at the stars? Wish you could see them every day? With one of the best galaxy projectors, you can! These projectors allow you to view the night sky indoors, no matter what time of year it is. They also make great room lamps. In this article, we will discuss 10 different galaxy projectors and their features. We will also talk about the pros and cons of each projector.

Imagine lying in bed and being able to see the stars above you without having to go outside. Star projectors can make this a reality by filling your walls and ceilings with stars, constellations, and more. They provide an immersive experience that can help spark imaginations or simply create a fun atmosphere for a party. Some even come equipped with soothing music or sound effects to help you drift off to sleep. Star projectors are all easy to set up but vary in size and budget as much as the night sky itself.

Usually, with star projectors, the quality corresponds to the price. The less expensive ones commonly only display colors and lights in a room without much accuracy or detail while more pricey models are designed closer to planetariums with greater precision. If you know the person receiving this product is particularly interested in astronomy, it would be beneficial to choose one of better quality so they can have a more delightful and educational experience.

The best star projectors in 2022

Encalife Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector

We don’t know what we love most about the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector(opens in new tab) from Encalife: the exquisite 16.7 million nebula colors to choose from or the ability to control this projector with our voice with Alexa and Google. During our Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector review we were impressed by its sleek design that’s sure to delight many: it’s modern and compact, which allows the user to place it pretty much anywhere in the household. There are even four angles to adjust this unit to, so it’s versatile enough to project either onto the wall or ceiling from your chosen surface.

Not only is the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector easy to sync up for seamless voice control, but you can also change the colors, modify brightness and adjust the speed just by speaking. There’s also the option to issue commands through your smartphone after pairing with a Smart App (compatible with Android and iOS). It’s here where things get even more impressive: using the color wheel on your device, it’s possible to slide through various tones, from cool blue to warm fiery red. What’s more, there’s a blend of 16.7 million hues to choose from, though, from our Atmosphere Smart Galaxy review, we found that those 16.7 million colors aren’t that distinguishable.

The Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector is a great way to create a relaxing ambiance or lively party scene. One downside of the projector is that the nebulas and stars aren’t scientifically accurate. However, we enjoyed the experience so much that we didn’t feel short-changed.We liked being able to change the speed of the projection along with its brightness

Although the nebulas and stars aren’t accurate from a scientific standpoint, we enjoyed the experience of the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector. We appreciated being able to adjust both the speed and brightness of the projection, which made it perfect for setting either a relaxing or festive mood.

The Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector comes with a USB power cable and would make for an excellent gift because of its stylish packaging.

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Star Projector

Encalife Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Star Projector

$79.97 $109.97
Last update was on: November 23, 2023 11:21 pm

It’s a one-two in this list for Encalife products, and once again, we’re not sure what we love most about this feature-rich Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Star Projector.

There are 16.7 million colors to choose from with this Aurora projector, which can be controlled with your smartphone, the included remote control, or buttons on the device itself.It is compatible with all Android and IOS smartphones. You can ‘Aurora Borealis’ customize the visibility of stars, full moon activation ,and colors to suit your mood.The LED light and green lasers are adjustable from barely visible to highly vivid

The Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Star Projector’s musical rhythm mode is fantastic. The lighting adjusts to the ‘vibe’ of the music being played, and you can control how sensitive the microphone is, making it perfect for gatherings. Also, Bluetooth speakers are often not known for their high sound quality, but this one pleasantly surprised us with its great audio despite its small size. You even have the option to change sound settings depending on what genre of music you’re listening to—now that’s attention to detail!

Sega Toys Homestar Flux

Sega Toys Homestar Flux (Satin Black) Home Planetarium Star Projector

Last update was on: November 23, 2023 11:21 pm

The Sega Toys Homestar Flux is a sleek and powerful star projector that comes with a high price tag. This compact projector produces realistic-looking night skies from the comfort of your own home, thanks to its multilevel glass lenses. You can adjust the focus to suit your projection surface, and you’ll see 60,000 stars — many more than its competitors

The Homestar Flux excels in the number of stars it projects and has some fascinating science-based upgrade options. The product comes with two discs: one displaying a starry sky with 60,000 stars while the other has constellation labels to help with identification and learning.

In addition to the main unit, there are 17 additional Sega-branded disks that can be bought for about $18 each. It is also compatible with Homestar Original(opens in new tab) disks. Like other star projectors, it has a ‘shooting star’ function; however, we would like this function to be at random intervals or in different places each time so it isn’t as predictable. Additionally, it has an automatic switch-off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

You can find more than 30 different disks at Astrial, Sega Toys’ official online shop. Some of the highlights include simulations of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis. There’s also a disk that shows planets in our solar system, but there are others that display galaxies, nebulas and other NASA-based imagery which are even more impressive. As an example, the North American nebula seen through NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and the strange seven-star system called Jabbah (officially known as Nu Scorpii and IC 4592) captured by NASA’s WISE mission. You can also purchase disks that simulate fireworks, ‘night jellyfish’ and a hot-air balloon festival.

BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0

Sky Lite 2.0 is a device that projects stars against an RGB nebula cloud, and it doesn’t require any installation. With the push of a button, Sky Lite can create ambiance for a party or act as a soothing night light. It uses direct diode lasers and precision glass optics to create an unmatched visual experience.

Sky Lite is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a little bit of nature indoors. With its soothing aurora effects, Sky Lite can create an instant relaxation oasis in any room. Whether you’re looking to dine under the stars, create a relaxing spa environment, or accent your home theater, Sky Lite will make any space more enjoyable in seconds.

Get the app and connect with Bluetooth for easy light effects, brightness adjustment, or color combination changes. This model has a BLUE nebula cloud with stars.

Bresser Junior Astro-Planetarium Deluxe

The Bresser Junior Astro-Planetarium Deluxe (available in silver and black) is very similar to the National Geographic Astro Planetarium. Both have essential specifications and projections, but there are some notable differences.

The Astro Planetarium Multimedia disks included feature a starry night sky as well as overlays of constellations. It is entirely accurate according to the day and time you use it.

The Bresser-made lens focuses the image which can be rotated 360º using its built in motors. It is best used to project from two meters. The focusing wheel makes it easy to adjust the image and it can be set to automatically shut down after 30, 60 or 120 minutes. This is feature is useful if you intend for a child who falls asleep under the stars in their bedroom..

The Bresser Junior Astro-Planetarium Deluxe has a falling star mode that projects a ‘meteor’ every 40 seconds. It differs from the National Geographic Astro Planetarium in that it doesn’t include an integrated FM radio or the ability to attach an audio device. That’s handy if you don’t want that functionality, although it doesn’t have too much of an impact on the price.

Omegon Star Theater Pro Planetarium

The Omegon Star Theater Pro Planetarium is a great way to learn about the stars, and it is very easy to use. It comes with a small tripod desktop stand and a USB cable so you can attach it to any portable battery source.

Although the adjustable projection distance is a handy feature, this product lacks brightness and accuracy. For example, you cannot adjust it to be time and day specific. Consequently, you’re only getting a random starry night sky that lacks context, labels or constellation guides.

This product is ideal for those who want to project a decorative night sky, but it may not be the best option for learning about constellations.

The ‘space night lamp’ comes with a variety of additional discs, including an Earth/Moon/Sun disc. You can also purchase separate discs that show a more detailed view of the Milky Way, a star-forming nebula, the planets of the solar system from a flyover point-of-view, and the Pinwheel Galaxy.

The Omegon Star Theater Pro Planetarium, which is also sold under the Uncle Milton brand, can play disks that are compatible with other similar Uncle Milton products.

This star projector, like most others, has a convenient ‘sleep time’ function that will automatically turn off the machine after 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

Encalife Ambience Galaxy & Star Projector

The Ambience Galaxy & Star Projector(opens in new tab) doesn’t offer as many lighting modes compared to the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector, but it more than makes up for it with its features. The four colors — blue, green, white and red — can be blended using the supplied remote control. You can also adjust brightness levels according to your preference.

This star projector is impressively built for its compact size. The black color makes it easy to integrate into many home decors, and it also has a speaker so users can enjoy their favorite tunes while watching the lights dance around the room. We found the sound quality of the speaker to be excellent with no ‘tinniness’. Even though the packaging was poor, we were pleased with how solid and well-made this unit is. Plus,the light are bright enough create ambiance or add fun to a party atmosphere.

Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on before beginning, but this process is extremely smooth and fast, with the device becoming operational in just a few moments.

The Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Projector won’t give you scientific accuracy, but it will give you a fantastic ‘insomnia-busting’ experience that allows your children (or yourself) to sleep better at night.

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit

The included desktop stand makes it easy to aim the Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit, so you can explore the stars indoors on your ceiling and walls.The default planetarium slide features rotating and moving stars that you can use on their own as an image or backdrop to images from other slides. There are 24 different, still images of objects available, like the sun, Earth, moon, asteroids and planets, International Space Station,, space shuttle plus more. This also comes with a educational poster.

The planetarium mode of this product is intended for children, as it rotates a pattern of stars without labels or constellation guidelines. It is questionable if anything can be learned from its projections, as they only show the stars visible in the northern hemisphere.

The Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium is a relaxing way to sonsumer under the stars, and it’s available in either black or blue. Powered by four AA batteries, this device also features a 15-minute auto shutoff so parents don’t have to worry about their children being up all night. It’s very user friendly and perfect for young kids who are interested in space but not overly invested in details.

Blisslights Sky Lite 2.0

4M Create A Night Sky Projection Kit

$7.99 $10.95
Last update was on: November 23, 2023 11:21 pm

BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 is not scientifically accurate, but it’s incredibly creative and will provide you with a mesmerizing ambient experience.

This laser-powered ‘galaxy projector’ will take your home entertainment to new heights. Perfect for movie nights or gaming sessions with family and friends, this product is simple to set up and use. With three distinct angles of projection, you can find the ideal setting for any room size.

The Sky Lite 2.0 creates motion-filled RGB projections by using an LED and a direct laser diode side by side. You can also take this projector on the go since it comes with a USB power cable– simply hook it up to your computer or portable battery for powering!.

This new 2.0 version also includes the BlissLights smartphone app, which allows users to connect vie Bluetooth and customize the projector’s intensity, laser brightness, and rotation speed. You can also use the app to create a custom color blend; however, stars are always either green or blue depending on which variant you choose.

The BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 is much quieter than some other models, perfect if you’re trying to get to sleep or watch a movie. It’s definitely impressive and out-of-this world, but it can be most closely compared to a lava lamp in terms of its general effect. If what you want is a mesmerizing journey through an imaginary nebula (or aurora?), then this star projector is for you.

Create A Night Sky Projection Kit

Although this might not be the fanciest star projector on our list, it is still a cool way to show your child the night sky. This create-a-night-sky kit comes with cardboard cutouts and tiny holes. You position the card over a lamp and project an image of stars onto the ceiling.

This is an excellent teaching tool that can be used with the help of a guardian, as we discussed in our review. Its goal is to create a globe-like night sky that lights up and projects the constellations. Even before getting to the stars, children are introduced to the concept of northern and southern hemispheres. Then they need to make holes (using a sharp tool) where the major stars are located, thus being introduced to famous stars and constellations inTonight’s Sky .

The hardware is quite simplistic. It includes a small lamp that requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) on a square base with a support fixed to each of the four corners. Once assembled, you place the night sky dome over the lamp and turn off the lights. The stars will be lit up on the globe itself as well as projected onto your walls and ceiling. Of course, there are some drawbacks; the printed stars and constellations are back-to-front to ensure an accurate projection (albeit a bit blurry). It’s all fairly fiddly and time-consuming, but that’s precisely the point since it makes for an effective and affordable learning device. Just don’t expect anything more than a way to fill time or a novelty night light for your child’s bedroom. only recommends star projectors that we have put through a series of strenuous review processes. We Dismantle each product to test its construction and design, how well it projects stars, and if the night sky imagery is accurate.

Our team of experts thoroughly test each star projector to guarantee that they meet our high standards. We also have knowledgeable freelance contributors who review the products based on their personal experience. This allows us to provide an accurate assessment of each product, taking into consideration its price point and intended use. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to compare a top-of-the-range star projector from one of the largest producers of star projectors to a make-youromol kit made from cardboard—though each might perform well in its own category .

Your ease of use is important to us when we pick a star projector. We’ll see if it contains night sky imaging technology and if it can synchronize with audio. If necessary, we’ll also include suggestions for extra gear you might want to get the best viewing experience possible.

With complete editorial independence, are here to ensure you get the best buying advice on star projectors, advising on whether you should purchase a product or not, making our buying guides and reviews reliable and transparent.

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What is the most realistic galaxy projector?

Best overall: Sega Toys Homestar Flux

Why it’s on the list: Sega’s Homestar Flux has some of the most realistic images of any star projector we considered. If you’re passionate about astronomy and want to use your star projector for educational purposes, this is as close as you can get without visiting a planetarium.

How does a planetarium projector work?

A dome uses a thin strand of glass called optical fiber to project an image on the inside. The fiber is so tiny that the image looks like a real star in the sky. Images of the sun, moon, and planets are controlled by computer-steered motors and separate projectors

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