Battlefield V Plays Smooth on The New Xbox Series S vs Xbox One S

If you are looking to upgrade from an Xbox one to enjoy video games better and more specifically battlefield five then stop wasting your time and don’t read the rest of this article and go ahead and purchase an Xbox series is because you’re going to love how much better it plays on the new Xbox compared to the old Xbox one S.

And if you are here than either you ignored my initial recommendation or the video above is too long for your interest either way I’m here to tell you that the Xbox series S makes  battlefield V play at a native 1080P and it sticks to 60 FPS a lot more often than the Xbox one S plus it feels a lot smoother.

Not just in performance smoother, but actually loading times make such a difference here for you that you are going to detest playing any other game that takes as long as battlefield five dollars to load up on the Xbox one consoles. 

The loading time on the new Xbox is so short you are going to be playing a game while your friends on the old Xbox One are still stuck waiting for their level to load. Then after the fact you were going to be having a smoother experience even if they turn on freezing or VRR they are old Xbox one S won’t be able to even tickle your Xbox Siri says.

The game will not have any extra graphical settings besides resolution and better performance because it is limited to the Xbox One data code through the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Program which EA can fix if they do either an optimize for Xbox series X update or they optimize the code a little bit like they did with Star Wars Jedi fallen Order, but knowing them if it’s not an in app purchase or some kind of Michael transaction then they probably won’t care.
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