Battlefield V Looks The Same, but Feels Different and Better on Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

Battlefield V is a monster when it comes to graphical fidelity and both the Xbox series X and the Xbox one X deliver on that graphical fidelity, but when it comes to performance the Xbox series X seals the deal for the best way to experience Battlefield V on consoles. 

The biggest differentiating factor between both consuls is the fact that the Xbox series X loads in less than half the time it takes the Xbox one X to get you into the main menu and playing the darn video game!

Battlefield V will have pretty much the same graphical settings for you no matter which Xbox you have the main difference comes from resolution and performance.

The Xbox one X will bring you a nice sharp looking high texture quality 1800 P up to native 4K, but not often. The Xbox series X though will bring you 1800 P which I believe is the lowest number up to native 4K all while maintaining a smoother 60fps than the Xbox one X.

Graphical effects will look better, but you’re not going to get any extra because the game has not been optimized for the Xbox series X and more than likely never will yet that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting a supreme experience of a game that maybe you’re new to or a veteran. 

Just remember the loading times alone are worth buying the new Xbox and if you have anymore questions let me know in the comment section of the video above or use the #StreamingLiveAcademy on social media. 

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