AW3423DWF vs AW3423DW: Which Ultra-Wide Monitor Takes the Crown?

AW3423DWF vs AW3423DW: Which Ultra-Wide Monitor Takes the Crown?

Ultra-wide monitors have become an essential part of a modern digital workstation, providing an immersive viewing experience with their wider aspect ratio. However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this article, we will compare the two ultra-wide monitors from Alienware, AW3423DWF, and AW3423DW, to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build:

Both monitors come with a stunning 34-inch curved display with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. The monitors have thin bezels, which allow for a seamless multi-monitor setup, creating an immersive viewing experience. The stand of the monitor is solid, with an adjustable height, tilt, and swivel options. The AW3423DWF comes with a white and silver finish, while the AW3423DW comes with a matte black finish, making it a perfect fit for both office and gaming setups.


The AW3423DWF is packed with the latest Nano IPS panel technology, which provides a 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, making it ideal for content creators who need accurate and vibrant colors. With a 144Hz refresh rate, the AW3423DWF is built for gaming, providing smooth motion clarity and low latency, making it an ideal monitor for fast-paced games.

On the other hand, the AW3423DW comes with a fast IPS panel that delivers a 144Hz refresh rate, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. However, it comes with a slightly lower color gamut of 93% sRGB, which is suitable for gaming but might not be ideal for content creators who need accurate colors.


Both monitors come with a generous amount of connectivity options, including two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a headphone jack. Additionally, the AW3423DWF also has a built-in USB hub with four downstream and one upstream ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.


The AW3423DWF is priced slightly more than the AW3423DW, which is due to the advanced panel technology it comes with. However, the extra price might be worth it, depending on your usage. If you are primarily into gaming, the AW3423DW is a great option. However, if you are a content creator who also enjoys gaming, the AW3423DWF is the clear winner.


Both monitors are great in their way, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and usage. If you need accurate and vibrant colors, along with a gaming performance, the AW3423DWF is the perfect fit. If you are solely into gaming, the AW3423DW will provide an immersive gaming experience.


1) Can I connect multiple monitors with AW3423DWF?
Yes, the monitor supports a seamless multi-monitor experience.

2) Can I adjust the height of the stand of AW3423DW?
Yes, the stand height can be adjusted for comfortable viewing.

3) Does the AW3423DW come with a USB hub?
No, the monitor does not come with a built-in USB hub.

4) Which monitor is better for content creators?
The AW3423DWF is the ideal choice for content creators, thanks to its advanced Nano IPS panel technology.

5) What is the difference in price between the two monitors?
The AW3423DW is priced lower than the AW3423DWF; however, the latter comes with advanced panel technology.

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