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Twitch is DONE - Twitch DMCA Problem Explained

Twitch is DONE – Twitch DMCA Problem Explained TWITCH IS DONE, Why and how can they Fix it Okay, boys in 10 minutes Let’s digest the big news. Your twitch career has a dead end has an expiration date. That’s over. Like the yogurt. That’s the same Exactly. Once it expires. Those badly asked. True. So why guys? Why are people’s careers … Read more


BUY Twitch Affiliate NOW! How to waste 5$

Twitch Affiliate Podcast in a Nutshell Welcome to Ladies and gentlemen, this is the podcast where Jaybur, Jim, and Luk, and sometimes Seifer, sometimes decided that life is worth living. So yeah, take a seat on the couch, pull your pants down and let’s talk. Well, what an intro, which decided to make Twitch … Read more

best gaming mouse 2020

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 – How to Locate A Good Wireless Mouse

The best gaming mouse for 2020 is certainly the Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse and the G703 which are among the lightest gambling mice, weighing just under five pounds and featuring a sleek, compact design, ideal for extended gaming sessions, whether in the home or in the workplace. It provides an aluminum frame that is … Read more

cyberpunk 2077 news

Cyberpunk 2077 News – Read About the Approaching RPG

Cyberpunk 2077 NEWS : Will they Fix it? The cyberpunk 2077 information pack provided revised proposed specifications for the game. The main cyberpunk 2077 technologies would be the Ghost in the Shell, Arkspire along with the cyberdeck. The latter was made to replace the traditional cyberdeck by integrating the cybernetic systems into the cyberdeck. A … Read more

Cyberpunk Gameplay

Cyberpunk Gameplay: Is it any Good? This new Cyberpunk Gameplay is different in a good way Cyberpunk is a well known cyber crime-adventure which has become one of the most anticipated genres in the video game industry. With many different kinds of cyberpunk games, notions and finishes, cyberpunk visuals guides have to always keep up with cyberpunk’s latest twists and … Read more

audible for free

How to get Audible for free – Complete Guide

But is it possible to have Audible for free forever? Absolutely yes, The only complication is that the entire Audible system is protected and therefore it is absolutely impossible to crack it or use some illegal method to have endless days and books. So how do we do it? Nothing could be easier, after several … Read more

1000 Subs in 100 Days – YouTube Growth

1000 Subs in 100 Days – YouTube Growth

Even in 2020 YouTube remains the largest video platform there is. Backed up by Google, the world’s largest search engine, YouTube comes in second. While YouTube only allows video content in the form of pre-recorded videos and live streaming, the platform is used as a search engine. Viewers flood the platform in hope to find … Read more

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