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EA.. A unique look into the hate

EA.. A unique look into the hate

EA… If you have watched my content lately you would know I’ve been very vocal about EA and the questionable decisions they have made in relation to FIFA 21. Electronic Arts isn’t just a one trick pony however, they are a major player in the video game industry whose numbers have skyrocketed in recent years. … Read more

Gambling, Should video game loot boxes also be classed?

Gambling, Should video game loot boxes also be classed?

Gambling…… If, like me, you play online video games in a competitive environment, you would have noticed that more and more games have a loot box system.  Loot boxes typically work by taking an in game currency and opening these boxes with a chance to get yourself that high rated gun, skin, character. The in … Read more

fifa 21 ultimate team

The 5 best things about Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

Fifa 21 Ultimate Team FIFA 21,where to start? At release the gameplay was improved & people celebrated the new additions. On the other hand people criticised the age old broken mechanics & the strange decisions made by EA to nerf certain aspects of FUT (League SBC’s, why EA??). But alas, I think there are very … Read more

Is North American CS:GO about to die?

Is North American CS:GO about to die?

So 100 thieves have recently pulled out of CS:GO, 100 Thieves may be the first of numerous Organisations and players who want to play in the EU scene rather than NA. There are numerous reasons next to the current pandemic. 100 Thieves have been one of the best and mainstream esports organisations in Northern America. … Read more


Fifa 21 Ultimate Team – Basic Coin Making Methods

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Making coins in FIFA 21 

So, you’ve clicked onto this because you want to make some coins on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. I am about to give you tools to make some extra coins, you wont be a multi-millionaire, but the following methods will give you enough coins to go and purchase a decent player. Yes, these are grindy but it is worth it (Trust me).


BPM (Bronze Pack Method)


Quite possibly the most well known method, it’s pretty simple, you open 400 coin Bronze packs and then you sell either everything or you cherry pick players that may sell. So what do you sell? At the time of writing, it’s early game in FUT 21 so there is no League SBC’s or Icon SBC’s. 

So here’s what you do, you could theoretically list everything and see what sells but I wouldn’t recommend that. The best method is finding players from either the 5 major leagues (or leagues that have had a past SBC) or players from the major nations. Honestly doing that is more than likely going to make you a steady profit, finding an English Premier League player from a major nation will in some cases make you back double or triple the pack worth. For best investment results start with at least 5K coins.

400 Method


I stumbled across this on YouTube last year and half heartedly tried this myself, I realised that this method works brilliantly, especially if you are lucky and nab yourself a player that makes you double the coins. 

Heres how you do it, first off, do this before 6PM UK time when the new content is typically released for best results. What you do is you go onto the transfer market and you set the quality to Gold Common cards, you then set the maximum price (Not Buy it now) to 300-350 coins & search. You then scroll down the order until you get to between 40secs to a minute remaining, you bid a maximum of 350 coins on all players from this point on until your trade pile is bulging. You could specify leagues but its not recommended. 

After you have won a good chunk of these bids you then go through the players and list them back up for say, 450-600 if their off league cards. If they are from major leagues, compare their prices and sell accordingly, In FIFA 20 I hit a Paderborn and Sheffield United player who both netted me about 5K altogether. 

Upgrade/Asset Method

coin-stack - Foundation For Teaching Economics

Okay, first of all, this method won’t make you coins, but it will potentially allow you to get that Ronaldo or Messi. Because you don’t make money from this, it is more of a long term investment method or as I like to call it, compiling assets.

So first, you will do the BPM and send any useless players into your club. When you start getting an abundance of duplicates, you then put these bronze players through the Bronze upgrade SBC until you have gone through all of the useless leagues with no SBC. You open the packs, which give you 2 untradable silver players (hence the investment aspect of this method). 

You then take the silver players that aren’t any use for an SBC and you put them through the silver upgrade SBC which rewards you with 3 untradable common golds. Then yes, you guessed it, you put the useless common golds in the gold upgrade SBC which give you 2 rare untradable gold players, which is where you can just about hit anything. 

For instance, FIFA 19 I was doing this to get rid of useless gold players that i kept getting in rewards and managed to hit a Cristiano Ronaldo. Trust me it works. 

Doing these strategies coupled with sniping or trading like a boss will net you easy profit. Go out these and go make that bread!



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