Atomic Heart is a Russian Game So Play It!

Are you a gamer looking for a thrilling game to play? Look no further than the Russian made video game: Atomic Heart. This remarkable story takes place during an alternative timeline, where the Soviet Union has risen again as the world power following WW2. If that’s not enough to get your attention, then perhaps this will – there are political push backs actively trying to cancel the game due to its heterosexual point of view on what sexy is. The game releasing at the anniversary of the Ukraine Russian war and how Ukraine is trying to get it ban since it is a Russian developer and the developers not taking an anti Russian stance on Twitter. True gamers know how to separate games from politics and if we don’t choose now to stand up and support games such as Atomic Heart, they could be taken away from us forever! So let’s show our collective might by doing what gamers do best – Play!

Intro to Atomic Heart – Descriptive Overview of the Game

Atomic Heart takes place on the grounds of Facility 3826, the Soviet Union‘s foremost scientific research hub in an alternate history 1955.[5] In 1936, scientist Dmitry Sechenov developed a liquidized programmable module called the Polymer, sparking massive technological breakthroughs in the fields of energy and robotics in the USSR and freeing much of the populace from manual labor. When World War II broke out, the Soviets quickly gained the upper hand, but just before Nazi Germany was defeated in 1942 they unleashed the Brown Plague virus, leaving millions dead and creating an international demand for Soviet robots to compensate for the resulting worker shortage. As part of the Soviet Union’s post-war reconstruction programme, Dr. Sechenov created a wireless, networked artificial intelligence called “Kollektiv 1.0” that linked his robots together for greater efficiency.

Most recently, Sechenov developed the THOUGHT neuroconnector, a device that integrates Polymer into the human body and allows humans to remotely interface with robots. THOUGHT is to be released alongside Kollektiv 2.0, and Sechenov boasts that it will usher in a true post-labor era for the entire world.[6] However, Kollektiv 2.0’s official launch on 13 June 1955 goes awry, plunging Facility 3826 into chaos – Source: <Wikipedia>

Who is the developer MundFish?

MundFish is the Russian-based video game developer responsible for creating the upcoming video game Atomic Heart. This studio, founded by a group of passionate video game developers from the country, was created with a desire to inject Russian culture and values into games. With years of experience in the industry and inspiration from their homeland’s rich history, MundFish has crafted an incredibly unique game, full of stunning art design and captivating storytelling elements. Despite attempts to prevent its release due to politics, Atomic Heart is poised to be a revolutionary title that could influence future generations of gamers around the world.

Why Critics are attacking Atomic Heart

To give you a summary of why critics are attacking atomic heart it’s not about its buggy launch on consoles and lack of ray tracing on PC as it was promised that it would come with or its miss steps on handling a variety of mechanics and subjects to the point it stumbles. One example is how the melee combat system is good, but feels floaty and needs tuning and weight to it. 

The critics are instead attacking the game because the main protagonist is a heterosexual looking male that interacts with sexy robots and machines from time to time. The mind virus people hate the idea of this classical real world personification in a game and anyway one and anything that doesn’t align with their left leaning political opinions.

They also are condemning the developers for not taking a stance against the war in Ukraine, which we all agree that war shouldn’t happen and we should resort to other means of conflict resolution. Yet the developers, major investors are from Russia and they themselves have a lot of Russian in their lives be it they are from there or their cultural upbringing is Russian and maybe within the company personally employees agree with Russia, so why force the company to take a stance? 

Why can’t the video game developer just be a video game developer and let the political stuff be fought out by politicians? 

Should we really force everybody to agree with a political view?

It’s really hard to believe that there’s such a demand for everybody to conform to a certain political view. It’s like we’re stuck in the McCarthy era; that if you don’t speak out against any “provocative” causes, then you must be supporting them. This is especially true of Atomic Heart, the upcoming Russian-made game with Soviet Union content that some have deemed offensive like the representation of females being too sexy with The Twins robots, how Russia won WW2, and the developers are spying on us for Russia. That is a lot of different subjects and topics to cover and most of those who are boycotting the game probably don’t play many games or will ever even play this game to begin with so why give their none gamer opinion so much attention?

Let us gamers decide with our time and money if the game is good or not rather than some higher up power that isn’t motivated by what an actual real gamer is driven by and instead is all about a political ideology.

How Russian Developers are Making a Positive Impact on Game Development

I believe that Russian developer influences in gaming is a net positive. Even if atomic heart doesn’t become a successful IP it’s still brought a modern approach and technology representation of a mix of Wolfenstein and BioShock to modern gamers. 

I do think the west needs competition when it comes to entertainment, because similar to how Japanese gaming and culture as a whole has influenced our entertainment media for the better, since our comic books have been taken prisoner by the mind virus people attempting to change and modify, beloved franchises, that when you look at the numbers has negatively been affecting viewership since no one wants to see beloved characters modified to their versions when compared to the opposite effect on anime and manga that have seeing a rise in viewership since it is better content.

They should be creating their own characters from scratch and let the consumer decide if it’s good or not and instead of infecting our nostalgic characters. 

Where Can People Play Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart is available right now for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers so Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles can play it now and PS5 and PC owners can <buy it>.

In conclusion, Atomic Heart has created a great deal of conversation around the political implications of a game that takes place in such a tumultuous world. Although some critics would like to shift the conversation away from the merits of the game and its innovative use of Soviet futures, Mudfish have done a great job at keeping the focus on Atomic Hart’s unique design and exciting gaming experience. Atomic Heart succeeds in painting an interesting historical picture, one filled with difficult moral decisions and differing opinions about whether or not it should be canceled for its depiction of a Russian world power post-WW2. While politics plays an unavoidable role here, we shouldn’t forget that this is ultimately about creating art – and that’s exactly what Mudfish have done with this project. So if you’re looking to have some fun, have an exciting and immersive gaming experience, then don’t forget to try out Atomic Heart! Share your thoughts on this controversy – do you think it should be canceled? Have you tried playing the game yet?

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