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Before you decide on anything, you need to know about it, and Asura Pathfinder might be one of those things that you should get to know more about. Asuras are known as a race of outsiders whose origins can easily be traced to divinity. They live their lives sowing mischief and strife in the mortal world and the worlds of the gods. They are creatures from the Great Beyond and can be found in the domains of Hell. They are mythical creatures and if you want to know more about them, below is some information that you would not want to miss out on.

asura pathfinder
Asura Pathfinder History


Asuras have not reached any agreement on what type of divinity spawned their first race. A lot of hypotheses include abandoning the First world, the free will granted by Ihys to humans, the creation of life, or maybe the first death caused by a deity. However, until now, it is still unknown. Most of the asuras consider that their creations are inevitable, and the asura ranas claim that they are the reincarnation of the first asuras. The story goes that they hid in Maelstrom before they claimed Hell as their home, way before the first devil ever existed. When Asmodeus has led an army of exile from Heaven straight to Hell, the velstrac demagogues, gigas warlords, and asura ranas gathered in the council with the intention of uniting their armies by the so-called invaders, but they were betrayed by the asura ranas themselves. According to Asura Pathfinder, the asura rana Geryon was the one who devoured all of the 812 tyrants of Hell.


Asuras are also known as the manifestation of the divine accident, and they live in blasphemies and are given life because of the mistakes that are made by the gods. According to them, they had survived the wrath of their creators simply because they were patient enough to slip under the god’s notice or because the gods were far too prideful and incompetent that they did not see their mistakes. Asuras are very difficult to perceive, and they want nothing but doubt among mortals as well as revenge for themselves to the gods who birthed them. For every divine crime, an asura is made, and most asuras are formed from the damned petitioners of Hell. Since they had lost control of Hell because of the devils, they can only claim a small part of the petitioners, especially those that have the most offensive divine sin. Asurendras are known to tear pieces of Hell and make them into tripurasuras which are lowly creatures that can destroy mortals or consume their souls and bodies and then make them into asuras.

asura pathfinder Reincarnation
Asura Pathfinder Reincarnation


It would also be important to know that a hateful spark can still survive even after an asura dies. Basically, when an asura gets killed, the spark moves to Hell or to the nearest asura rana, and then it gets reincarnated. Asura Pathfinder also says that this process may take some time and depends on whether or not the asura is getting reincarnated through the help of a rana or not. Once the process ends, the asura takes on a new form that is a lesser form than its previous ones. However, those who swear a lifetime of service to a rana might reincarnate with a stronger form. They are known to keep their memories even after reincarnation, but it is impossible to destroy one permanently.


When it comes to breeding, they can breed with mortals and produce half-fiends, but they also equate this act to divine mistake. The creation of half fiends or half-celestials is detestable unless their partner was a former priest or when the child can actually bring shame to the family that it is born in.


When it comes to their role in society, asuras have a philosophy that they should bring nothing less than the destruction of any systems that the gods took a hand in creating. They want to end everything created by the gods and create chaos. They go to holy places and torment people there. They also pollute relics and taint them with destruction. They have some kinship with daemons, sahkils, and demodands. They like any creature that abhors the gods and would work with them if it meant more destruction to the world.


According to Asura Pathfinder, asuras like to find places where they can dwell and brood. They have no realm that they are able to call home, although most of the asuras dwell in Hell. They plot and nurture abhorrence of all things and try to perfect their art of war. Even the devils would be unsafe if they happen to be in the domain of the asuras. They hate everything and can eventually fight with the devils too. One of the realms where asuras live is called the fiery Agniagon, which is a vast wasteland filled with burning shores and boiling lakes.

asura pathfinder Goals
Asura Pathfinder Goals

Lifestyle and goals

Although asuras have a behavior of being warlike, they have a frugal nature to them, and they have great insights when it comes to reality. They know a lot of things about the cosmos, and material wealth or any comfort would not sway them away from their goals. It only values aspects of existence such as help when it is almost near its goal. Other asuras, on the other hand, act as guardians and become instruments of ruin, and they do not care who or what they hire to battle as long as they can end the existence of creation by the gods. They would normally collect and guard treasuries that have religious relics to use as bait for heroes so they can kill them.

Asura ranas

The most powerful among the kinds of asuras, according to Asura Pathfinder, are the asura ranas, as they are born only out of the most terrible and powerful mistake of the divinities. Races of asuras include upasundas and adhukait.

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