Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD and Freed Cry buddle Review

By this time, it’s true to say that all Assassins’ Creed lovers should have finished playing Black Flag. If not, then you don’t fall under the category of true fans. Having said that, Assassin Creed liberation HD game and Freed Cry Buddle game stems up the curiosity of waiting for the next series to be released. These two additions will do more than simply salivate your palate before getting the main course. With this in mind, let’s better understand these two Assassin Creed games.

Set in 1765, the assassin’s creed liberation revolves around the American Revolution being sewn in New York and Boston while the Spanish force plots to take control of Louisiana. Instead, they secretly take control over the slave trade within New Orleans as a French assassin with an African heritage known as Aveline de Grandpre is ready to defend her fellow slaves. Assassin’s creed liberation HD takes to take advantage of the HD hardware by introducing a complete graphic overhaul that comes with re-mastered sound effects and music. It also brings out a revamped game experience with excellent missions that dive deeper into the story of Aveline.

On the other hand, assassins Creed feed Cry Buddle focuses on the emotional story of Adewale, Edward Kenway’s first mate. It also features a powerful and heavy slavery theme highlighting the real cost of freedom. Adewale’s life is quite different from any other AC protagonist, something that makes his journey more refreshing.


Assassin creed liberation offers the chance to experience the game firsthand with better, imported, and upgraded HD and 4k features for your game console. Additionally, the visual fidelity of this Ubisoft Sofia developed game handles proper up-scaling from the initial handled to include console. While it is true that the cut-scenes and also scripted in-game parts utilize lower-res assets than what console gamers are used to, most of the open world’s gameplay is comparable to the AC3.

On the other hand, freed cry does not feature Adewale’s sheer freedom exploration on his journey. Instead, the character disappointingly makes use of mission tropes series like a crutch. It also rolls back some of the upgrades made by Black Flag.

Powerful Gameplay

Adewale’s character is based on a mission that involves liberating Port-au-Prince slaves while at the same time attempting to trigger a revolution. Fifteen years after Black Flag events, Adewale tots around with a vicious machete as he slice and dice his way through slaves and the French army in a colonial town of Saint-Domingue, also known as Haiti. This makes the game’s engaging storyline stand out as the journey features real humanity while at the same time hitting notes that perfectly resonate quite profoundly with players. The sounds and sight of Port-au-Prince are also great, with the city having a unique feel as compared to Black Flag main hubs.

Assassin creed liberation plot is perfectly set within a fictional history that resembled real-world events. It follows the old day’s struggle between assassins who were devoted to fighting and preserving free will and peace. On the other side is the Templars. They desire peace by controlling. The game’s setting is in the 18th century between 1765 and 1777 in Louisiana, a few years to the events of the American Revolution. It focuses on Aveline de Grandpre, the first assassin creed female protagonist, as she struggles to stop the Templars from having control over New Orleans.

Aveline de Grandpre is portrayed as the daughter of a slave and merchant. She can easily take on three characters through changing what she wears. Each person comes with their own unique abilities, and the different mission provides you with the opportunity to choose what you wear and the tactics you need to use to complete the mission. The assassin custom is recognized as a threat due to its combat features.

assassin's creed liberation hd and freedom cry
Assassin’s Creed liberation HD and Freedom Cry

Background songs

Freed Cry buddle has the best songs from slaves tending their master’s field. Irrespective of whether the songs were the earliest slave songs or just hymns of African origin, they helped boost the game’s experience. The songs added texture to the captured non-player’s characters and also the game in general. In addition, freed cry soundtracks portray an epic atmosphere during the sea combat, something that the main game fell short of. The multi-talented Oliver Deriviere wrote the game’s music.

Assassin creed liberation features the best haunting and most sweeping soundtracks. While the game’s African style featured complex as well as intricate percussion, the authentic and unique African vocals with bright, vivid melodies and chords helped the game stand out.   

Backward steps

Despite freed cry buddle having a more improved story with dense settings, the game still has problems and errors that have plagued the game since the beginning. The game managed to tackle the assassin’s creed repetitive nature by providing players with the option of freely exploring the wondrous and massive world while at the same time creating your adventures. However, the game’s compact map relatively confirms the players within the main story.

Even though the game offers enough spectacles and scales that can keep any player engaged, it is still not possible to ignore the fact that while Liberation HD has the best features, it still falls short with its shorter missions, frequent stops, and frequent segments filled with tedious gameplay that breaks the general experience for gamers who give their full attention to the game.


Freed cry buddle falls short when it comes to the liberation mechanics. This is due to the fact that they do not pay off in a rewarding manner. The women and men you save will only exist to assist you in unlocking character upgrades as the intervals predetermine and nothing else.

For the diehard fans of assassin creed games, they will undoubtedly find the experience of these two games worthwhile. With assassin creed liberation taking the 18th century leads character; it will take you through the African slave trade exploration. However, it’s not as refined as freed cry buddle, which allows gamers to pause a game and line up the kills when faced with multiple enemies.

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