ARK Survival Evolved Performance on Xbox Series X is Ultra Good!

ARK Survival Evolved Performance on Xbox Series X is Ultra Good!

If you have played ARK Survival Evolved on the Xbox one or Xbox one S or even an Xbox one X you know that it is an awesome game that is crippled by the slow CPU inside those consoles.

When the game works it is amazing yet when it doesn’t it is a true nightmare! Just ask anyone that has dedicated more than six months of their life into this game and you will see that they either lost their soul or they have come to learn to enjoy the beauties of life in a deeper more mindful way.

For Xbox series X you are looking at literally the best version of ARK Survival Evolved. The game plays, feels, looks, performs, amazingly! It is so good on the new Xbox Series X that if you play ARK I would suggest you go buy an Xbox series X just to play ARK because it is that much better on the console than last generation consoles.

You are looking at ultra graphics for special-effects rendering distance resolution it is up to 4K and it is a pretty stable 60 FPS plus loading times are cut by half and don’t just take my word for it look at it for yourself with my YouTube video.

If you have questions for the game or any other game you would like me to test for you then let me know in social media‘s following the links:
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