Apple is Better Without Steve Jobs

Apple is Better Off Without Steve Jobs

     Before you allow your emotions to flow through with anger about what I said or complete satisfaction because you think you have found someone that dislikes Steve Jobs as much as you do, slow down and listen to me.

     I loved when Steve Jobs ran apple! He saw the products and he gathered the people to work together at creating the future; quite literally. Smart phones, tablets, smart watches were not invented by Apple, but some would argue that it has been perfected or produced in its best form because of Apple. 

     Under Steve Jobs Apple came back from the dark ages and his arrogant, sometimes violent, insulting, or offensive way of handling people is something I do not approve of, at a personal level, because I believe we are to treat people with respect even if they do not deserve it. That doesn’t mean you get trampled over and abused by them, but let me know what you think when it comes to that? On social media & YouTube under ENDWARO7 

    Steve Jobs wouldn’t of ran apple into the ground in my opinion, because it wasn’t just him, it is a company therefore it is ran by multiple people, but I do believe that Apple will not be as powerful or as good in general terms as it is right now if Steve Jobs would’ve kept running the company. 

     It would’ve been still a great company, but I believe that Tim Cook has brought in the teamwork oriented mentality and treating people with more care and bringing more unity to the corporation than Steve Jobs could have, because of his personality. I believe it would have hindered the progress of Apple in the long term.

     He did not believe in listening to the consumer but rather the consumer listen to him or Apple in this instance. He is famous for saying that “the consumer doesn’t know what they want so we will show them”. I believe that is true to a certain extent and I think Apple still has that in their DNA that is showing through the products that they still released to this day, but Tim Cook and others have been allowed to diverge from that mentality, even a little bit, and now listen to the consumer more often than old Apple which has brought up a more productive and capable Apple.

     I believe that to start of Apple needed Steve Jobs and not Tim Cook at the head, but once Apple became the most powerful power player in the market, because everything technology is always compared to Apple like it or not. Apple is now in a position of power that I believe the friendliness and teamwork of Tim Cook is a better ingredient for long-term success than the overly aggressive Steve Jobs mentality.

     The day Steve Jobs passed away I was 18 years old and playing a video game which was interrupted by a notification which  I read on my iPhone 4 and I stopped playing my video game and looked outside the window to kind of process what I just read and I cried because outside it was raining and I processed emotions in the likes of trying to see what he probably felt as his life was coming to an end during the rise of the company whom he believed was literally an extension of him. I sympathized with him and his loved ones. No matter how bad some of the things were that he did I believe that for the most part he was more good of a person than bad.

     Competition is good so I appreciate and see just as crucial the products and companies that compete with Apple so I want to finish off by saying that I appreciate the sacrifice and the efforts that Steve Jobs and everyone involved in the creation and maintaining of one of the worlds biggest and best products which is the iPhone have done, including its competitors. In short thank you Steve and we will keep using the bicycle that you have provided for our minds to keep moving humanity along the path of technology with liberal arts and humanity with appreciation and passion to keep us going
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