Apple Clips is Great

Look the default recording features of the TikTok app are not bad, but the Apple Clips is great at it too.

Apple Clips App

When I say that Apple Clips is Great I mean that the app Clips is great for recording quick short videos that are perfect for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. I personally have been using the app to create content like the ones I will be linking in this article for you to compare and see if it is something that tickles your pickle.

To start of the app is an official Apple app that has been getting a ton of updates throughout the years. It allows for speech to text so people without audio can watch your videos.

The filters are high quality and bring up a bunch possible looks for your clips. My favorite is the cartoon one:

Apple Clips is Great
Apple Clips is Great

You can use this filter for images or videos that you record and change the filter for everything recorded with the Apple Clips app live and instantly.


The ease of use in this Apple Clips is Great for new users and pros a like. It helps with one handed recording and use cases with easy to access filters and features such as Memoji face filters for those that have an iPhone with FaceID.

Apple Clips is Great
Apple Clips is Great

Your recorded content will show up inside the rectangle bar below the record button that allows you to move clips around and edit specific ones.

Apple Clips is Great

Memoji Heaven

Yup you can use your Memojis with this app and more. You can add music to your video and it will auto balance the music so viewers can still listen to your voice while watching your content.

I want to talk more about the app, but it is better if I just show you more of what it can actually do in action so I will finish this article with two things. 1. I invite you to go ahead in the comments section or under @richierichlabs in all socials to leave your opinion or questions on how you want to or how you use the Apple app Clips?

Here is my TikTok so you can see how all my videos are recorded and edited with Apple Clips. If you enjoy it go on over to the Apple App Store and search for Clips app made by Apple themselves.

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