Apex Legends Next Gen Update is Bad

Why Respawn Entertainment? Why is this Apex Legends not getting a true Next Gen upgrade and why did it take so long for so little? Let me explain why Apex Legends Next Gen Update is Bad

No 120hz?

My biggest complaint with the next gen update for Apex Legends is that they’ve taken this long just to deliver a native 4k resolution and longer render distances with better shadows and HDR.

They have had more than a year now to deliver what other Battle Royale and other popular games in the competitive scene have done in a shorter timeframe. Halo Infinite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Warzone, Fortnite, and others have done 120hz wich means 120fps for a while now.

Heck my phone has games running at 120hz with Pascal Wagers and League of Legends Wild Rift to name a couple Why doesn’t the mighty Apex Legends have it? This is why I think Apex Legends Next Gen Update is Bad!

Delayed Features

They said that for PlayStation 5 users we are getting the adaptive triggers in the future together with the 120hz mode that will allow Xbox Series X to also enjoy 120 fps, but of course not the adaptive triggers since that is a PS5 exclusive feature.

I wonder why is Respawn Entertainment taking this long to deliver so little? These things at least are free of charge when compared to GTA V that we have to pay for which I did gladly, but I’m not blind to the reality that it was not fair.

I wish they would of given us an estimated time of release other than later in 2022. What do you think on the matter? Why do you think is that Respawn Entertainment is taking so long to bring us a true Next Gen update to such a good battle royale that is Apex Legends?

In the meantime…

I will be playing it for sure and I’m excited to see it, but long term it won’t work for me cause once you play at 120fps you don’t go back for competitive games like Fortnite, Warzone, and Halo Infinite or Gears 5, that is if you take competitive gaming performance important.

I personally been wanting to get serious into Apex Legends once more, but I promised to my self that I wouldn’t until it got 120hz mode enabled so I could play at 120 fps like all of my other competitive games. Don’t think that I’m an fps whore by the way. I think that Apex Legends Next Gen Update is Bad and I play games like Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy at 30 FPS cause it works and Apex Legends doesn’t work to me at 60hz.

In the meantime I will be playing Fortnite Zero Building mode for now.

Apex Legends Next Gen Update is Bad
Apex Legends Next Gen Update is Bad

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