Gfuel Review – An Honest Gfuel Review

Gfuel Review

How Often Do You Drink Gfuel?

I would lie if I’d say Gfuel has not become an essential part of my content creation journey. I first started drinking Gfuel about 6 months ago when I released my first Gfuel video, which you can find here

Since then I have been drinking Gfuel on a regular basis of about two to three times per week. Gfuel helps me to get into the right mindset and headspace when I start my stream later in the day, when I edit videos, or write articles like this one.

How often can or should you consume Gfuel? I drink Gfuel when I feel like it. There is no right or wrong answer, drink it everyday or once a week. With anything in life the dosage makes the poison and too much Gfuel means too much caffeine at some point. You can find my caffeine video here. On days where I drink coffee, I do not need Gfuel and therefore do not drink it, or switch to the hydration formula which does not contain any caffeine.

At the end of the day it is up to you how often you think you need Gfuel.

Is Gfuel Better Than Other Energy Drinks?

The energy drink market is extremely saturated and new drinks seem to pop left and right. With all these competitors we come to wonder about how different these drinks can actually be from one another. The truth is hard and cruel. In essence all gaming energy drinks are pretty much the same. All energy drinks claim the same benefits and in order to achieve those claims, there are only certain ingredients and ingredients in certain amounts and combinations that work. If company A and company B offer the same benefits, then chances are company A and company B are offering the same ingredients to back up their claims.

Gfuel is by far the most hyped and represented gaming energy drink in the market and there is a reason for its popularity. Gfuel sponsors a lot of esports events and even more streamers and content creators. So is Gfuel actually better? What differentiates Gfuel from most gaming energy drinks on the market is its transparency and use of natural ingredients. Gfuel is really upfront of what exactly they put in their drink and why. On top of all of this, they use natural ingredients to make it a healthier alternative. 

Now taking into account that the price for Gfuel does not differ a lot from their competitors, I would buy Gfuel over other brands. You are getting a higher quality product for almost the same amount of money. Another benefit is that Gfuel sponsors so many creators that you ALWAYS find a discount code or any code to take some dollars off your order.

Best Gfuel Flavor

gfuel cherry limeade

Gfuel offers a wide variety of flavours and if those provide not enough options, you can even mix flavours and create your own Gfuel flavour.

I personally have tried a lot of different flavours and there are 2 in particular that I would recommend for those who want to try Gfuel for the first time and 1 flavour I would definitely stay away from.

If you try Gfuel for the first time I would highly recommend Peach Iced Tea. Peace Iced Tea is a common flavour amongst all different energy drink and lemonade companies, therefore this flavour is a safe bet and you most likely had something similar before. 

If you are looking for something a little bit sweeter I highly recommend Cherry Limeade. You can easily make this a very strong flavour or thin it out a bit by adding more or less water. 

Pewdiepie is another very popular flavour, however I did not understand the hype around it. It is a very mild flavour, tastes sweet but nothing more to it. 

Sour Fazeberry is the flavour I would not suggest buying. When I first found this flavour I was very hyped because I had been looking for a sour flavour for quite a while. Sour Fazeberry is anything but sour, instead it is actually a pretty sweet flavour, which judging by the label is misleading. I was told by you guys, that they had changed the formula from the original, after the original was too sour. Unfortunately with the new formula, none of the sour was maintained. 

Lead Warning

Gfuel is not all good and what scares customers away from Gfuel is the lead warning on the tubs. Several years back, Gfuel ended up in a lawsuit which required them to put a lead warning on their products. This lead warning is a result of California’s proposition 65 law. This law requires companies to label potentially dangerous ingredients clearly, so that customers can make a more informed decision on whether or not to buy the product. This lead warning does not mean that the product is unsafe. This does not mean that the product is banned or should not be consumed. 

The POTENTIAL amount of lead in Gfuel products is a result of its natural ingredients. We consume lead on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Anything from the earth could contain lead, that includes all your vegetables. Some baby foods even contain trace amounts of lead. 

To sum it up, the amount of Gfuel that needs to be consumed to trigger lead poisoning is not possible, without overdosing on all other ingredients first. 

If you would like to learn more about Gfuel check out my other Gfuel article!


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