Air Wick Mist Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser – How to Use Bluetooth?

Air Wick Mist Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser

AirWick Pro Gamer Mist Diffuser Scent Ready

Walking inside a Walmart is something I tend to avoid, honestly any store, because I’m the kind of person that likes to buy things online and avoid the traveling to a store and waiting for the cashier to check you out then maybe the product you want is not there and you made the trip for nothing (yes I checked the app, but it said “Low Quantities”) I like to order it and forget about it till it comes, but I won’t deny that the option of having something right on the spot is always appreciated hence forth I love that when something is online and it is of crucial importance that I have it as soon as possible, like TVM level of fast I can go to a Best Buy, for example, and get that same thing in less than 24 hours, love it! Which do you prefer online or offline shopping? Let me know on social media @endwaro7 or on Twitch where I stream everyday:


The AirWick Bluetooth Mist Diffuser was the result of window shopping which I’m also not a fan of. I buy things or think of buying things, much, sooner or before any ad gets to me. I think of what I need or want or end up finding it thru my extensive online reading and studying of different topics so in short I dislike and avoid ads at all cost for they are a big waste of time unless you are watching the good production value ones like the ones in the Super Bowl or just good quality ones that actually got much thought put into them. Do you like or dislike ads and why? Let the crew of Streaming Live Academy know in the social medias using the #streamingliveacademy oh yeah do you like window shopping too?


I was with my wife who likes window shopping and that is how I stumbled upon this little machine. I was mind blown that they had a Bluetooth air freshener cause why would you need one? I highly recommend not buying wifi enabled devices that are connecting to the internet and don’t come with a high price tag or respected company known for security as the maker cause those Internet connected devices can be hacked easily and I am a strong believer in security and privacy so I will only get wifi enabled devices that I trust, but this Bluetooth device seemed so harmless and innocent so I had to check it out and when I found out that it only does Bluetooth I agreed to pursue my curiosity and further immersive my self in this new world of Bluetooth AirWick Mist Diffuser (Air Freshener). The device is easy to pair up with your iPhone or iPad and yes it forces you to make an account and give them some info for their marketing, but you can easily ignore it with fake info or just give them the basic stuff any store already takes from you. 


Air Wick Mist Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser

The App will let you set a schedule and advice when to recharge batteries (3 AA) or swap the mist (scent) container for a new one and it even allows you to order them from he app, but I will find out once the one it comes with runs out which is cheaper as to ordering thru the app or just getting one from amazon or a local store. If you know or are interested don’t forget to hit me up on social media or on my YouTube channel which will be in this article below. 

To finish I have many questions as to battery life and consistency as to the software and the actual schedule being maintained by the machine. Next I need to find a Bluetooth toilet paper that tells me how good I wiped…that is if we survive 2020.
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