Ace Combat 7 is Disappointing on Xbox Series S

Ace Combat 7 Xbox Backward Compatible Features are Limited...

You want to hit the air at full super sonic speeds and all at 4K 60fps? Than this is not the video game for you! If you want to still go super sonic at 60fps then this is the game for you as long as you don’t play it on the Xbox Series S and go for the Xbox One X or Xbox Series X instead. Here’s why: 

The run down of the situation is that if you don’t care about the 1080P and all you want is to go Mark 5 (super sonic) while piloting planes from all over the world, but 60FPS is what you care for then the Xbox One S might not be enough and you still gonna need an Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X. 

The Xbox One S is capable of delivering 50-60 FPS at subpar 1080P that being a 720p ish image and that is honestly a bit sad. The game does play good enough that even without VRR or FreeSync it will feel awesome to fly in the sky and touch the clouds of Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown. If you happen to have a VRR or FreeSync enabled tv though the clouds will feel a lot smoother and the drops from 60fps down to 50 won’t be noticeable and the image is going to be as smooth as butter. 

The Xbox Series S is disappointing, because it is not capable of delivering a considerable better experience than the Xbox One S due to the limitations of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Program except in loading times and that is because the game is still not optimized for the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X and it is relying on the original code until the developer updates the code thru a patch.

They can either tweak the code like Respawn did without issuing a full on Optimized for Xbox Series X/S patch or do the full on patch. For now we are going to be stuck with resolution of about 720P on both the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S. 

The Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X are where the game looks amazing! Even at 1080P and that is because of the 16x anisotropic filtering that the Xbox Series X applies to the whole game which the Xbox One X does to, but not to the same degree. The game even at 1080P looks sharper and much more “there” on both consoles, but when comparing the Xbox Series S it shows the difference drastically because the Xbox Series S doesn’t support the filtering. 

If you have any other questions like if the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X deliver steady 60fps well they both do, but the Xbox Series X does in a more stable manner. Hopefully we will see the Xbox FPS Boost Mode update come to this game and make things run a bit smoother for the Xbox Series X|S, but don’t expect it to save the day when it comes to resolution due to the limitations of the feature itself.

Anything else let me know in the comments of the YouTube videos or social media’s under ENDWARO7 or using the #StreamingLiveAcademy 

Xbox Series X | S New FPS Boost Mode Is Official!
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