7 Tips to Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

Digital marketing is becoming a popular tool of advertisements as many brands are creating content around their products. TikTok, Facebook, or even Instagram are great places to invest your time to market your brand to prospective customers. But YouTube, the second largest search engine globally, is no doubt the place to be. So, how do I start a successful YouTube channel? The tips below will put you in the right position to make your channel stand out.

Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

1. Creating YouTube Videos around a Specific Keyword

Creating YouTube videos around a specific topic can quickly attract followers and help you grow your audience. Some keywords can help you to rank highly and drive traffic. If you are oblivious of this point, you can easily miss this step. You can use keywords tools to find the most searched topics and keywords on YouTube.

You have to find these keywords first before crafting videos; it will make your videos have some flow to them and not be all over the place. While making the videos, don’t fail to mention these keywords so that the YouTube search engine picks upon them. Optimizing your title and meta description will go a long way in generating more traffic to your videos.

2. Using Top Performing Content to Create Videos

Yes, you’ve read that right. You don’t have to create your videos from scratch; you can go and do a content audit to find high-performing blogs and then repurpose them to give them a personal touch. Most people binge on videos that answer questions, tutorials, and how-to videos and usually do well in the search engine. Or check our last article: Try These YouTube Video Ideas

The video should be between two to five minutes long, don’t be overwhelmed to what to create a longer video.

3. Interact with your Audience

YouTube is just like any other social media where engaging with your audience is paramount to creating traffic to your channel. Try engaging with your audience, ask questions on the comments sections, and don’t wait for your followers to respond first; ask them if they liked your video or what you can change going forward.

YouTube rewards users whose social engagement is high. Try to collaborate with other similar YouTube brands to curate content that your audience will love. The process will help you to get more traffic and eventually grow your audience.

4. Visual Branding

So you’ve probably been checking out videos, and they look great. What more can you do to stand out from the rest? Rebrand yourself with different features that can differentiate you from other YouTubers. It makes your audience take you seriously, plus you can add customized URLs to your page at the top header. You can also write an interesting bio regarding what you do and what your content is all about.

5. Promoting your YouTube Videos on Other Social Platforms

The good thing about social media is that you can cross-promote your content to other social platforms you have. Doing so can easily help you to grow your audience. Think about the platforms you want your videos marketed at. You can use these platforms with a teaser video so that they can come back to your YouTube channel to complete watching your videos. It will certainly bring some followers to your channel at the end of the day.

6. Always Show Up

You are operating a YouTube channel for your organization. Your audience needs to put a face to the organization plus connect with you. So it’s important to do videos that feature you regularly. If you don’t like featuring on your videos, you can put up your photo on the page and not your business logo.

7. Use Thumbnails and Capitalizing on YouTube Cards

It may seem like a small thing but using a thumbnail on your videos creates a massive impact on your videos. If you have a catchy title plus an appealing thumbnail, the chances of your videos ranking highly is quite high. The videos have a higher click-through rate; such videos have catchy massive titles, unexpected images, plus highlighted areas and arrows.

Take Away!

With this and many other tips, you can put your YouTube channel on the map. Ensure you are consistent with your uploading and always promote subscriptions in your videos and other social media platforms every chance you get to. It’s the best way to get more followers and create a large audience for your content. Be positive and put your head high; your content should reek confidence and be yourself. People can easily tear you apart if they notice you’re not yourself.

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