7 Shocking Reasons Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You

Title: 7 Shocking Reasons Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You

Pokemon is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world. Fans of all ages have enjoyed capturing and training their favorite monsters for over two decades now. But what happens when your Pokemon don’t obey you? It can be frustrating and disheartening, but fear not! In this article, we’ll explore seven shocking reasons why your Pokemon might not be listening to you and what you can do to improve your relationship with your furry friends.

1. Badges and Levels

One of the main reasons why your Pokemon might not obey you is that they haven’t earned enough gym badges. Depending on the game version you’re playing, certain Pokemon won’t listen to you until you’ve earned a certain number of badges. Additionally, if your Pokemon’s level is too high, they may disregard your commands. Make sure to level up your Pokemon gradually, otherwise, they may start to disobey you in battle.

2. Happiness Levels

Just like humans, Pokemon have emotional needs. They are happiest when fed, loved, trained, and taken care of. If you neglect your Pokemon, their happiness levels will drop, and they’ll become less obedient. To increase your Pokemon’s happiness, make sure to give them plenty of attention, feed them regularly, and use healing items when needed.

3. Conflicting Personalities

Every Pokemon has its own unique personality traits, and sometimes those traits can conflict with yours. If you’re playing as a strict trainer, and your Pokemon is carefree and adventurous, there’s a chance they won’t listen to you. In these cases, it’s best to adjust your style and try to work with your Pokemon’s personality, rather than against it.

4. Status Conditions

Status conditions like confusion, paralysis, and sleep, can all affect your Pokemon’s ability to obey your commands. Make sure to heal your Pokemon right away if they fall under any of these conditions, so they can feel better and become more obedient.

5. Communication Issues

Sometimes, Pokemon don’t obey their trainers because of communication issues. If you’re using a language that your Pokemon doesn’t understand, or you’re giving commands in a confusing tone or manner, there’s a chance they won’t follow through. In these cases, try speaking to your Pokemon in a simple, straightforward manner, and use positive reinforcements whenever possible.

6. Disobedience as a Personality Trait

In some game versions, certain Pokemon have disobedience as part of their personality trait. If your Pokemon falls under this category, it’s important to recognize that they may not always follow your orders. But don’t despair – these Pokemon can still be powerful allies if trained correctly.

7. Traumatic Experiences

Finally, traumatic experiences can affect your Pokemon’s ability to obey you. If they’ve been involved in a losing battle or have been mistreated by previous trainers, they may become hesitant to follow your commands. In these cases, patience, love, and positive reinforcement can help your Pokemon overcome their past traumas and become loyal allies.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why your Pokemon might not obey you. From badges and levels to happiness levels and personality traits, there’s a lot to consider. But with patience, love, and positive reinforcement, you can improve your relationship with your Pokemon and become a successful trainer.


1. Can I make my disobedient Pokemon more obedient? Yes, by adjusting your style, communicating more effectively, and boosting their happiness levels, you can make your Pokemon more obedient.

2. Do only certain Pokemon disobey their trainers? No, all Pokemon can disobey their trainers, depending on the circumstances.

3. What should I do if my Pokemon disobeys me during a battle? The best course of action is to try to heal any status conditions and communicate more clearly with your Pokemon.

4. Can I reverse a Pokemon’s disobedience personality trait? No, but with patience and training, you can still build trust and have a successful relationship with your Pokemon.

5. How important is it to build a strong relationship with your Pokemon? Building a strong relationship with your Pokemon can lead to increased obedience, happiness, and overall success!

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