7 Best Places to Find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – Unveiling the Secrets!

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Uncovering the Secrets of Elden Ring: Top 7 Places to Find Maiden’s Blood

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated video games of 2022, combining the visionary design of Hidetaka Miyazaki and the epic storytelling of George R. R. Martin. Set in a vast open world filled with wonders and horrors, Elden Ring promises to challenge players with its immersive combat, intricate lore, and hidden treasures. One of the most valuable items in the game is Maiden’s Blood, a rare substance that can enhance your abilities, heal your wounds, or create powerful weapons and spells. In this article, we will reveal the best places to find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring, based on our exploration and research.

Introduction: What is Maiden’s Blood and Why is it Important?

Maiden’s Blood is a mysterious liquid that is said to contain the essence of a pure soul. It is rumored to have many uses, from boosting your stats to granting you special abilities. Some factions in Elden Ring seek Maiden’s Blood for their own purposes, such as the Church of the Maiden, who worship a goddess associated with fertility and sacrifice. To obtain Maiden’s Blood, you need to explore the world of Elden Ring and defeat certain enemies, complete certain quests, or uncover certain secrets. However, not all places are equally likely to yield Maiden’s Blood, and some are more dangerous than others. That’s why we have compiled this list of the top 7 places to find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring.

Heading 1: The First Flame Shrine

The First Flame Shrine is a pivotal location in Elden Ring, marking the spot where the world was born and the witch queens who ruled it ascended to godhood. It is a massive structure that is split in two by a deep chasm, and guarded by powerful enemies such as the Black Knights and the Casters. However, if you can brave the dangers of the shrine, you may find Maiden’s Blood hidden in the corners and crevices of the ruins. Look for the broken statues, the underground chambers, and the glowing pedestals that can reveal secret passages. You may also encounter some NPCs who can offer you hints or quests related to Maiden’s Blood.

Subheading 1.1: The Abyssal Wardens

The Abyssal Wardens are a faction of powerful mages who practice the forbidden arts of blood magic and soul manipulation. They dwell in the depths of the ruins beneath the First Flame Shrine, where they conduct gruesome experiments on living subjects. If you can defeat them and plunder their laboratories, you may find jars and flasks filled with Maiden’s Blood, as well as some rare items that can amplify its effects.

Subheading 1.2: The Holy Altar

The Holy Altar is a sacred place located in the highest tower of the First Flame Shrine, where the Church of the Maiden conducts its rituals of purification and sacrifice. To access the Altar, you need to solve a puzzle involving the four elemental orbs that are scattered throughout the Shrine. Each orb is guarded by tough enemies and traps, but once you activate them all, you can open the way to the Altar. There, you may find some vials of Maiden’s Blood that have been blessed by the Church, as well as some undiscovered relics that can unlock hidden secrets.

Heading 2: The Ashen Forest

The Ashen Forest is a dark and eerie place that lies on the outskirts of Elden Ring, and is haunted by strange creatures and malevolent spirits. However, it is also rich in resources and hidden treasures, including Maiden’s Blood. To find it, you need to explore the different paths and clearings in the forest, fighting off the enemies that lurk there and avoiding the traps and pitfalls. Look for the glowing mushrooms, the hanging vines, and the fallen logs that can indicate the presence of Maiden’s Blood. You may also encounter some friendly NPCs who can offer you quests or tips related to the forest’s secrets.

Subheading 2.1: The Cursed Lake

The Cursed Lake is a small body of water located in the heart of the Ashen Forest, where the souls of the damned are said to be trapped. It is guarded by a powerful boss enemy, the Banshee Queen, who can summon spectral horrors to fight you. However, if you can defeat her and dive into the lake, you may find some hidden chests or underwater tunnels that lead to Maiden’s Blood. Beware, however, of the lake’s curses, which can drain your health, reduce your stats, or inflict madness.

Subheading 2.2: The Abandoned Village

The Abandoned Village is a cluster of ruins and huts that were once home to a tribe of hunters and gatherers, but is now infested with undead and grotesque creatures. To reach it, you need to follow a narrow path that winds through the thickest part of the Ashen Forest, dodging the traps and ambushes that await you. Once you arrive at the village, you can scavenge the houses and crypts for Maiden’s Blood and other useful items, as well as discovering some hidden lore about the tribe’s fate and beliefs.

Heading 3: The Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves are a wondrous and treacherous place located deep underground, where the minerals and gems of Elden Ring are found. However, they are also home to many hostile creatures and hazards, such as the Crystal Golems, the Frost Elementals, and the crystal spikes and chasms. To navigate them safely and find Maiden’s Blood, you need to use your wits and your weapons, as well as some key items such as the Crystal Chime and the Ice Pick.

Subheading 3.1: The Crystal Mines

The Crystal Mines are a network of tunnels and caverns that branch out from the main entrance of the Crystal Caves. They are patrolled by the Crystal Soldiers, who are armed with spears and shields made of pure crystal. To defeat them and explore the mines, you need to use blunt or lightning weapons, as they are vulnerable to those types of attacks. Look for the veins of Maiden’s Blood that run along the walls and floors, as well as the hidden chambers that contain some rare crystals that can increase your item discovery.

Subheading 3.2: The Crystal Gardens

The Crystal Gardens are a maze of crystal trees and flowers that are tended by the Crystal Maidens, who are blessed with magical powers and beauty. However, they are also fiercely loyal to their queen, who resides in the Crystal Palace at the heart of the gardens, and will attack any intruder on sight. To avoid their wrath and obtain Maiden’s Blood, you need to use stealth, sorcery, or diplomacy, as well as some specific items such as the Butterfly Horn and the Crystal Heart. Look for the glowing flowers that can reveal secret paths, as well as the fountains and shrines that can bestow some powerful boons.

Conclusion: The Rewards and Risks of Seeking Maiden’s Blood

In conclusion, Maiden’s Blood is a precious substance that can greatly enhance your performance and knowledge in Elden Ring, but also a coveted prize that can lead you to many dangers and dilemmas. By exploring the First Flame Shrine, the Ashen Forest, and the Crystal Caves, you can find some of the best places to obtain Maiden’s Blood, as well as some memorable challenges and discoveries. However, be prepared to face tough enemies, tricky puzzles, and haunting ambience, as well as to make some moral choices and trade-offs. Remember, the secret of Elden Ring is not just in the destination, but also in the journey.


1. Can I sell Maiden’s Blood or trade it with NPCs?
Answer: Yes, you can use Maiden’s Blood as a currency or as an item for certain quests or trades. However, be aware that some factions may value it more or less than others, and that some merchants may offer better or worse deals than others.

2. Can I use Maiden’s Blood to level up my stats?
Answer: Yes, you can consume Maiden’s Blood to gain some points in your stats, such as strength, dexterity, endurance, or magic. However, be aware that there is a limited amount of Maiden’s Blood in the game, and that some stats may require more or fewer points than others to level up.

3. Can I create unique weapons or spells with Maiden’s Blood?
Answer: Yes, you can use Maiden’s Blood as a crafting material for some powerful weapons, spells, or items. However, be aware that you need to have the right recipe or blueprint, as well as some rare components, to create them.

4. Can I farm Maiden’s Blood from respawning enemies?
Answer: Yes, you can farm Maiden’s Blood from some enemies that respawn after you rest or die, such as the Abyssal Wardens, the Crystal Soldiers, or the Crystal Maidens. However, be aware that the drop rate and the difficulty of the enemies may vary, and that some enemies may not respawn at all.

5. Can I use Maiden’s Blood to revive dead NPCs or bosses?
Answer: No, there is no known way to revive dead NPCs or bosses with Maiden’s Blood, as it is not a resurrection item. However, some NPCs or bosses may have hidden secrets or quests related to Maiden’s Blood that can lead to unexpected outcomes, such as revealing hidden or alternate endings.

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