5 Shocking Reasons Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey – And How to Fix It!

As a Pokemon trainer, nothing is quite as frustrating as disobedience from your beloved creatures. You’ve done everything right, trained them well, fed them well, but still, they refuse to listen. Not to fear! In this article, we will explore the top five reasons why your Pokemon won’t obey and provide practical solutions to fix it.

1. Your Pokemon Is Overjoyed

One of the most common reasons why Pokemon disobey is that they are overjoyed. They’ve just battled, won, or found something new, and they’re feeling extremely happy. So, when you ask them to do something, they may ignore you or take their time. The solution to this problem is simple; show them who’s boss! Keep calm and assertive when giving commands, especially after a successful battle or a big win.

2. Your Pokemon Is Tired

Another reason why your Pokemon may be disobedient is that they are tired. This is especially common after a long battle or a long day of training. Just like humans, Pokemon need rest to recharge their stamina. If you notice your Pokemon being sluggish or unresponsive, it may be time to give them a break. Take them for a walk, cuddle them, or simply let them rest.

3. You Haven’t Trained Your Pokemon Enough

Often, the reason for disobedience is simple; your Pokemon hasn’t been trained enough. Pokemon need to be adequately trained and prepared for battles, just like athletes need to train for big games. Make sure to spend time training your Pokemon, teaching them new moves, and building their strength. The more training they receive, the better they will respond to your commands.

4. Your Pokemon Doesn’t Respect You

Pokemon are, after all, living creatures with their personalities, likes, and dislikes. If you haven’t built a good bond with your Pokemon, they may not respect you enough to listen to your commands. To overcome this challenge, spend quality time with your Pokemon, give them compliments, and treat them kindly. When your Pokemon respects you, they are more likely to obey your commands.

5. Your Pokemon Is Disobedient By Nature

Lastly, some Pokemon are disobedient by nature. This can be genetic, like with the proud and independent Charizard or the mischievous Haunter. If you have one of these Pokemon, then it may be tough to get them to obey you. But there are some things you can do! Firstly, show them who’s boss with some firm commands. Secondly, try rewarding them when they do listen. Lastly, be patient; it may take time, but with a little determination, you’ll get there.


Training your Pokemon takes time and patience. But with a few adjustments, you’ll begin to see some changes. By being assertive, training your Pokemon, and building a bond based on mutual respect, you’ll have a responsive and obedient Pokemon in no time.


1. Why won’t my Pokemon obey?

There could be various reasons for disobedience, including overjoyed or tired Pokemon, lack of training or respect, or disobedience by nature.

2. How can I train my Pokemon better?

Spend time training your Pokemon, teach them new moves, and build their strength.

3. Can I expect all Pokemon to obey?

No, some Pokemon, like Charizard or Haunter, are naturally disobedient.

4. Can kindness help me make my Pokemon listen?

Yes, building a bond based on mutual respect and kindness goes a long way to make your Pokemon listen.

5. How can I get Charizard or Haunter to obey?

Be firm with your commands, reward them when they do listen, and be patient.

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