5 Secret Places to Get Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – You Won’t Believe #3!

As the release date of Elden Ring draws near, players are eagerly seeking any and all information related to the game’s storyline, mechanics, and hidden secrets. One such mystery that has captured the attention of many gamers is the quest to obtain Maiden’s Blood. In this article, we’ll reveal the 5 secret places where you can find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring, and we guarantee that you won’t believe where number 3 is!

1. Drowned City

The first location to find Maiden’s Blood is the Drowned City. This dilapidated and forgotten city is hidden beneath the water of a vast underwater lake. The city is filled with danger, as there are numerous underwater creatures that will attack you on sight. To find Maiden’s Blood in this location, players will need to explore the submerged buildings and fight off any enemies that they encounter.

2. The Dark Forest

The second location to acquire Maiden’s Blood is the Dark Forest. This creepy and foreboding forest is home to many dangerous creatures that will attack players on sight. The forest is also home to ancient ruins that players will need to navigate in order to find Maiden’s Blood. The forest is shrouded in mystery and is one of the most challenging places to survive in Elden Ring.

3. The Dreamworld

This is where things get interesting! The third secret location to find Maiden’s Blood is within the Dreamworld. As the name suggests, this location is a surreal and mystical realm that players can only access by achieving certain milestones within the game. Within the Dreamworld, players will need to navigate dreamlike landscapes and fight off nightmarish creatures in order to secure the Maiden’s Blood.

4. The Crystal Caverns

The fourth location to find Maiden’s Blood is the Crystal Caverns. Located deep beneath Elden Ring’s surface, the Crystal Caverns are home to dazzling crystal formations and unique creatures. To find Maiden’s Blood in this location, players will need to navigate the treacherous caverns and defeat the guardians that are protecting it.

5. The Floating City

The final and perhaps the most difficult location to find Maiden’s Blood is within the Floating City. This city hovers above the clouds and is home to the most fearsome creatures in Elden Ring. To access the city, players will need to solve complex puzzles and defeat powerful bosses. Once inside, players will need to navigate the city’s many levels and defeat the guardians protecting the Maiden’s Blood.

In conclusion, there are five secret locations where players can find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – the Drowned City, the Dark Forest, the Dreamworld, the Crystal Caverns, and the Floating City. Each location presents its own unique challenges and rewards. Whether you choose to explore these locations alone or with friends, be sure to prepare carefully and approach each location with the utmost caution. Happy hunting!


Q: What is Maiden’s Blood used for in Elden Ring?
A: Maidens’s Blood is a key ingredient in various potions and spells that are essential in Elden Ring’s combat and exploration mechanics.

Q: Can I find Maiden’s Blood anywhere else in the game?
A: No, these five locations are the only locations in Elden Ring where Maiden’s Blood can be found.

Q: Is it necessary to find Maiden’s Blood to progress through Elden Ring?
A: No, it is not necessary to find Maiden’s Blood to complete the main storyline of Elden Ring. However, it can be helpful in navigating and surviving some of the game’s more difficult areas.

Q: Are there any secrets or hidden items in these locations besides Maiden’s Blood?
A: Yes, each of these locations contains additional secrets and hidden treasures that players can discover through exploration and investigation.

Q: Can I access all of these locations at any point in the game?
A: No, some of these locations require players to complete certain milestones or puzzles in order to access them. Players may need to wait until later in the game to access some of these locations.

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