5 Reasons Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You and How to Fix It

As a Pokemon trainer, you are used to commanding your Pokemon to do your bidding. However, as some trainers find out the hard way, it is not always easy to get your Pokemon to listen to you. In this article, we will discuss the top five reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you and offer some solutions for you to put into practice.

1. You Have Not Earned Your Pokemon’s Respect

As a trainer, it is important to establish a bond and level of trust with your Pokemon. This bond goes beyond simply catching your Pokemon in a Pokeball. You need to show your Pokemon that you respect them by taking care of their needs, such as feeding them, letting them rest, and healing them when they are hurt.

Solution: Spend time with your Pokemon outside of battle, and give them positive reinforcement when they listen to your commands. Treat them like valued partners, and show them that you care about their well-being.

2. Your Pokemon is Too High Level For You

Pokemon has always been about leveling up and evolving, but sometimes a Pokemon can become too powerful for its own good. In this case, it may ignore your commands because it feels as though it doesn’t need to listen to you anymore.

Solution: Make sure to train your Pokemon regularly so that it stays at a manageable level. If it does become too strong, switch it out for another Pokemon and allow it to rest for a while.

3. You are Not Using the Right Type of Pokeball

Different types of Pokemon require different types of Pokeballs. Using the wrong type of Pokeball can make it more difficult to capture a Pokemon, and can also cause them to disobey you.

Solution: Make sure to use the correct type of Pokeball for the type of Pokemon you are trying to capture. The right Pokeball should be able to capture your Pokemon with ease and lead to better bonding between you and your Pokemon.

4. Your Pokemon is Tired

Like people, Pokemon get tired after a long day of battling. If your Pokemon is tired, it may be less inclined to listen to your commands.

Solution: Allow your Pokemon to rest and recover from battles. Make sure it has enough to eat and drink, and let it sleep for a while before giving it commands again.

5. Your Pokemon is in a Bad Mood

Pokemon have emotions just like people, and sometimes they get in a bad mood for various reasons. This can cause them to ignore your commands.

Solution: Try to find out why your Pokemon is in a bad mood. Maybe it’s feeling homesick or has a physical ailment. Address the issue and do what you can to make your Pokemon happy again.

In conclusion, if you are having trouble getting your Pokemon to obey you, it could be due to several factors. Make sure you have established a strong bond with your Pokemon, use the right type of Pokeball, allow your Pokemon to rest and recover, and find ways to improve your Pokemon’s mood. With these tips, you should be able to get your Pokemon to listen to you in no time.


1. Can EV training help with disobedience issues?
Answer: Yes, EV training can help as it improves a Pokemon’s stats and overall battle performance, making them more inclined to listen to their trainer.

2. How can I tell if my Pokemon is tired?
Answer: Your Pokemon’s status screen will let you know if it is tired or not. It may also become sluggish and less responsive to your commands.

3. What type of Pokeball should I use for each Pokemon?
Answer: There are different types of Pokeballs for different types of Pokemon. A quick search online can help you find the right Pokeball for the Pokemon you are trying to capture.

4. Can I use items to improve my Pokemon’s mood?
Answer: Yes, there are items such as berries and vitamins that can help improve your Pokemon’s mood and overall battle performance.

5. How long should I let my Pokemon rest before giving it commands again?
Answer: It depends on the level of exhaustion your Pokemon is experiencing. As a general rule of thumb, allow your Pokemon to rest until its status screen indicates it is no longer tired.

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