5 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube For Business

Operating a business means you have to look for better ways of getting your products and services to as many people as possible without breaking the bank. However, you don’t have to worry anymore as YouTube is a cost-effective approach to growing your business awareness. If used properly and perfectly as a marketing strategy, you stand to gain a lot.

Well, not sure whether YouTube can grow your business? Here are 5 benefits that YouTube offers to a business.

1. Helps you tap into the Great Horde Of YouTube’s Traffic

The online video platform is growing rapidly, with over 4 billion-plus videos being viewed on a daily basis. Therefore, using YouTube for your business gives you the upper hand in reaching your audience easily. This is achievable by either creating videos or using other people’s videos to advertise.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited site globally, behind Google and Facebook. It has over 1 billion visits every month globally, with 100 hours of videos being uploaded every 60 seconds, so what a better platform to reach your audience. With such a video streaming platform, you are guaranteed to attract a wider group of people who will certainly become your die-hard fans and also customers provided you educate, provide solutions to their different problems, and importantly, entertain.

2. YouTube Marketing makes it Easy for You to Be Found on Google

Youtube Marketing

Owing to Google Universal Search, images, videos, books, news, and local searches are normally blended together within Google’s search results to provide the much-needed information to people searching for certain details.

By now, you might have realized that videos are mostly appearing in Google’s search results. This indicates that Google is now considering videos as important as written content. Therefore, you can grasp this advantage by writing quality articles on your website and creating complimentary videos on your YouTube.

This will help you get backlinks to your website, which in turn makes it easier for people to find you on Google. Utilizing YouTube as a marketing strategy for your small business means you will increase your site’s authority, making your pages rank better in search results.

3. Your Content Will Never Die

Your Content Will Never Die

YouTube can help you in re-purposing already used content without spending a lot of time or investment. Re-purposing your content has proven to be an effective content marketing approach as it makes it easy to reach an audience that will certainly love the re-purposed content.

You can create podcasts, video series, infographics, and presentations from a single idea, engaging an audience that can easily digest the information provided.

4. Gain a Global Audience 

Gain a Global Audience 

This is actually the main advantage of using YouTube for your business. Consistent video content creations open the door to a new audience who may not have come across your business. Through this platform, you get the opportunity of reaching a worldwide audience even if you speak one language.

As a native English speaker, you have an advantage as it is quite difficult to convince the vast English-speaking market that makes up 30% of YouTube views if you cannot produce or write excellent content. Including closed captions on your videos will help you capture new audiences since you will be catering to different people with different needs. Videos that have a closed-caption have a better chance of receiving more subscribers and views than those that don’t.

You should also include a call to action to the videos with annotations that links back to your:

  • Other videos
  • Services and products on offer
  • Content on the website
  • Email auto responders

5. Make Money Using Ads for Videos

Make Money Using Ads for Videos

Creating your video content on a regular basis will provide you with a chance of earning money directly from your shared videos through Google’s AdSense program. There are thousands of YouTube channels that are making even six figures a year through video ads.

You can choose to use Google AdSense or AdWords for the video to make good money from your video campaign. Well, as much as you will be spending some money on your video, YouTube video ads allow you to also get something by allowing other people to run ads on your videos.


YouTube is, therefore, a variable platform when it comes to growing your business and audience through different marketing approaches. All that is required of you is to invest a good amount of time and get to learn the main components of this platform. Eventually, YouTube will come out as a worthwhile addition to your business.

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