4 Shocking Reasons Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You – And How to Fix It!

As a Pokemon trainer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your beloved Pokemon disobey you in battle. Even if you’ve poured countless hours into training and caring for them, it can feel like all that effort has gone to waste in the heat of the moment. If this sounds all too familiar, then you’re not alone. Here are four shocking reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you – and more importantly, how to fix it!

1. Your Pokemon’s Level is Too High
Believe it or not, having a high-level Pokemon can actually work against you when it comes to obedience. According to the official Pokemon rules, a Pokemon will only obey its trainer if its level is equal to or lower than the trainer’s current badge count. For example, if you only have two gym badges, any of your Pokemon that are level 20 or higher may disobey you.

How to Fix It: The solution here is simple – lower your Pokemon’s level! This can be done by trading your Pokemon to a friend, allowing them to level up and evolve, then trading them back to you. Alternatively, you can use an item called the “TM24”, which can be found in the game, to lower your Pokemon’s level by one.

2. Your Pokemon’s Affection Level is Too Low
In the more recent Pokemon games, affection has been introduced as a new mechanic that can affect how well your Pokemon perform in battle. Essentially, the more affection your Pokemon has for you, the more likely they are to obey your commands.

How to Fix It: If your Pokemon’s affection level is low, there are several things you can do to raise it. One of the easiest is to simply spend more time with your Pokemon – play mini-games with them, take them for walks, and feed them their favorite foods. You can also give them a massage, use items like the Poke Puff or the Soothe Bell to increase their affection, or have them wear accessories like the Amulet Coin or the Silver Powder.

3. Your Pokemon is Holding an Item That Lowers Its Obedience
Believe it or not, certain items can actually make your Pokemon less likely to listen to your commands in battle. For example, the “Everstone” item prevents your Pokemon from evolving, but it also reduces their obedience.

How to Fix It: If your Pokemon is holding an item that’s lowering its obedience, simply remove the item and replace it with something else. This can be done by selecting the Pokemon in your party and then choosing “Item” from the menu.

4. Your Pokemon is Stressed or Unhappy
Just like humans, Pokemon can experience stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. If your Pokemon is feeling unhappy or stressed out, they may be less likely to obey you in battle.

How to Fix It: The best way to help your Pokemon feel better is to address the root cause of their stress or unhappiness. This could mean taking them to a Pokemon Center to heal or giving them a potion or an antidote, letting them rest for a bit, or simply spending more time with them and giving them attention.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you in battle – but thankfully, most of them are fixable with a little bit of effort and training. By following these tips and working to improve your relationship with your Pokemon, you can become a more effective and successful trainer in no time.


1. Can my Pokemon disobey me even if it’s at a lower level than my badge count?
No, if your Pokemon is at a lower level than your badge count, it should always obey you in battle.

2. Do I need to give my Pokemon a specific food or item to raise its affection?
Not necessarily – any sort of interaction with your Pokemon can raise its affection level.

3. What should I do if my Pokemon is feeling stressed or unhappy?
Take steps to address the root cause of your Pokemon’s stress, whether that means healing them, giving them attention, or letting them rest.

4. Can Pokemon affection levels affect anything besides obedience in battle?
Yes – affection can also affect things like critical hit ratios, evasion rates, and other battle stats.

5. Are there any items that can increase my Pokemon’s obedience?
No, there aren’t any items that directly increase obedience. However, raising your Pokemon’s affection or finding ways to reduce its stress can indirectly improve obedience.

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