4 Cloud Gaming Services in 2022

Game streaming is the next big thing in the gaming future. Streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia GeForce Now, allow gamers to play games from any place, with any device, and without the need of worrying about bulky consoles or expensive gaming PCs.

However, the main challenge with the current gaming services is that they vary in style. Some allow gamers to play games they own, while some require that you buy them again. Some will also work on any device, while some feature restricted access. And while this is obvious, some will certainly feature better performance, including speeds, when compared to others.

The best thing is that 2022 will experience more advanced and enhanced game streaming services. To keep you on your toes, here are the four-game streaming services you should be on the lookout for in 2022.

1. Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now is by far the best game streaming service if you game on PC. Unlike the PlayStation Now, which featured a library of different curated games, Nvidia’s game streaming services allow you to easily stream games that you own, including Epic Games, Steam, Uplay, and any other PC based stores.

The games are pre-installed on Nvidia’s servers, making them available for instant streaming. They can be accessed not only on PC but also on mobile, Mac, Nvidia’s Own Shield TV, Android, and iOS devices. Gamers that have high-speed internet connections have the opportunity of getting up to [email protected] on demand.

If you wish to enjoy a bang for your money, you have the option of upgrading to the RTX 3080 tier. Just like its name suggests, this top-end subscription will provide you with a chance to enjoy Nvidia’s RTX 3080 higher performance with upgraded [email protected] and HDR if you choose to stream via Nvidia Shield TV. RTX 3080 at its prime will provide you with an indistinguishable experience provided by next-gen consoles like PS5.

2. PlayStation Now

While many games streaming services are mostly new, This Sony’s PlayStation Now service was launched way back in 2014. It boasts of holding over 600 PlayStation titles that you can play. It’s also the only way you can play a PlayStation over your PC. Yes, you heard it right; PlayStation Now is not only available on PS4 but also on PC. This allows you to easily stream your best PS4, PS3, and PS2 games on any windows-based PC and laptop with a 5mbps internet connection or higher.

The library provides over 250 PS4 titles 350 classic PS2 and PS3 titles like the Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, and Borderlands. You also have a chance of downloading the PS4 games and play them later, get access to a higher resolution with up to 4K on the PS4 Pro while experiencing 5.1 surround sounds.

3. Google Standia

Google has also taken a step into the gaming world with Google Standia. However, Google Standia is perfect for gamers that haven’t settled on the gaming platform. This is owing to the fact that it requires one to re-purchase games with a free game option coming with the pro-subscription.

Through their might and resources, Google has decided to provide gamers with a high-powered cloud console that can deliver 4K visuals at 60fps. It also comes with a full 5.1 surround sound. During its launch in 2019, a few features were missing and might still be missing. However, as things improve, it now features a growing games library and is 4K supported.

The best thing with Google Standia is that you can play on PC and even phone through the official Standia controller.

4. Hatch

Hatch is perfect for mobile gamers; while most of the entrants in this article are either console or PC-based game streaming services, Hatch brings in a different vibe. It focuses on mobile gamers. Hatch offers a wide range of highly-rated mobile games, including Leo’s Fortune, Crash-lands, and Monument Valley, which are available for instant streaming.

This streaming service works perfectly with very little difference in terms of graphics. It brings out high-end mobile phone gaming experiences even to people without high-end smartphones.

The main issue is that this game streaming service is mainly built with 5G as the base. This means you will certainly need the best internet connection to perfectly stream the games. With 4G, you will only get middling results.


2022 will certainly see a huge competition among video game streaming industries, with each trying to add the best features within the streaming services. However, as much there will be a wider option of choice for gamers, it’s important to settle for what best suits your gaming needs in the best way possible.

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