3 Ways to Make Money on Twitch 

Twitch is a social platform that allows gamers to play and watch other gamers play their favorite games. It’s a platform that allows you to enjoy your hobby while making money while at it. How much money can you make on Twitch? Well, you can earn extra bucks or millions, depending on how you play.

Some players live off playing on Twitch, earning over 7 figures. Such players have subscriptions, sponsorships, and ad-shared revenue that rake in the big buck. But before you even think about money, you first need to grow your audience.

How can you do that?

Growing your Audience 

Growing your Audience 

Growing your audience will not happen like magic. Just like any other social media platform, it will take time to get the desired followers you are looking to have. The best way to grow your followers exponentially is by chucking new materials every other day. Find the desired niche and build your content around the niche you selected

At first, you will receive breadcrumbs in terms of cash from the platform. It should give you more motivation to keep going. If you are not a pro in the gaming world, you still have a place on Twitch. If you have a charming personality, it will work for you on here as people will resonate with you. You can schedule live streams on the platform.

Promote your Twitch on your other social media platforms. Marketing is just as important as gaming. As a novice with a pretty good following, you can make a lot of money on this platform. Here are 3 ways you can make money on this platform.


1. Donations

After gaining a sizable amount of followers, you can get donations from them. Most users on Twitch are generous and usually donate money to their favorite streamers. You can add a donate button to your profile. You can use PayPal or any other third-party payment options. After a streamer donates, he will show you that you appreciate their generosity.


2. Brand Partnership 

Another way to make money is through brand partnership. What happens here is that a company will come to you and ask you to put their products in front of your audience, and in return, you get a kickback. This, in other words, is referred to as partner or affiliate. The company can come from any industry, from those selling hardware products to those selling energy drinks.

Most companies will reach out to you if they see you have massive follower-ship. The kickback you get from them varies from company to company. For instance, some offer up to 20percent in commissions in every sale you influence.

Merch Your Items

3. Selling Merchandise

If you have dedicated followers, you can easily create products that you can sell to them. You don’t have to go crazy with the Merch; simple tees, coffee mugs, stickers, and laptop cases that have your brand name printed on them can do the work. Obviously, you won’t get direct sales on the platform. You will have to direct your followers to a third-party site like Spread-shop or TeePublic. You just need to create an online store with items you are selling and use your Twitch platform to promote them.

Making Money as an Affiliate Twitch 

Before you become an affiliated Twitch, you have to meet a certain number of following. For instance, you must have broadcasted 500 minutes, with seven different broadcast days. You will need to have at least three concurrent followers and a minimum of 50 followers. When you attain all these, you are susceptible to the following perks.

Twitch Subscriptions


Subscribers for your account will have exclusive emoticons, a chat room as well as discounted merchandise. To subscribe, they’ll need a monthly subscription fee that starts at $4.99, &9.99, and 24.99. You will be able to receive your cut as an affiliate.

Bits Emote

Visual Cheers 

Another excellent way to get some money is through visual cheers. They come in the form of bits that are of different colors. To buy 100bits can cost $1.40. If your favorite subscriber buys them, you get your cut, which is 1cent per bit.


Game Sales

If you are playing a game on sale on the Twitch store, you can get a share of it. When viewers see you playing a game, let’s say assassin creed, then they go ahead to buy the said game. As an affiliate, you receive 5 percent of the purchase.

Take Away!

There is no shortcut to great things. So if you want to start earning on Twitch, you much put in the work – From building your audience marketing your content in other social media platforms to curating your Twitch profile to become an affiliate. But at the end of it all, you’ll earn big. Why not try setting a profile and begin this journey. If you want to start streaming check this article Before You Go Live On Twitch

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