3 Reasons Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You (And How to Fix It)

Title: 3 Reasons Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You (And How to Fix It)

Pokemon trainers know how significant it is for their Pokemon to obey their every command. Obedience can determine the outcome of a Pokemon battle, making it either a victory or defeat. However, there can be times when Pokemon disobey their trainers, making it frustrating and challenging for them to progress in their journey. In this article, we will examine three reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey you and provide solutions on how to fix this problem.

Reason 1: Ignoring their Needs
As a trainer, it’s crucial to maintain your Pokemon’s health, happiness, and well-being. Failure to look after your Pokemon’s needs can cause your Pokemon to feel neglected, making them disobedient. It’s vital to feed them and provide them with adequate rest, attention, and affection. You can also visit the Pokemon Center regularly to restore their health and treat their ailments.

Solution: Take Care of Your Pokemon’s Needs
One of the best ways to fix disobedience due to neglect is by taking care of your Pokemon’s needs. Make sure to feed them on time, give them exercise, play with them, and give them enough attention. You can also use berries, vitamins, and other items to boost their stats and overall well-being.

Reason 2: Lack of Discipline
Often, a lack of discipline can result in disobedience from your Pokemon. If you let them do whatever they want, they will not respect you as their trainer. You need to establish boundaries and show them that you are the one in charge. Discipline can be in the form of training, setting rules, and reinforcing positive behavior with rewards.

Solution: Train and Discipline Your Pokemon
One way to remedy disobedience due to lack of discipline is by training and disciplining your Pokemon. You can set rules and boundaries by implementing routines for your Pokemon, such as eating or sleeping at specific times. You can also develop their skills and abilities through rigorous training to strengthen their obedience and respect towards you as their trainer.

Reason 3: Personality Clash
Each Pokemon has a unique personality, and sometimes their personalities can clash with their trainers. A personality clash can happen when your Pokemon’s personality doesn’t match your own, leading to disobedience. It’s essential to learn about your Pokemon’s personality and develop a bond with them to understand their behavior better.

Solution: Develop a Bond with Your Pokemon
To address personality clashes, it’s essential to establish a bond with your Pokemon. You can bond with them by spending more time with them and understanding their likes and dislikes. You can also communicate with them through gestures or vocal cues to strengthen your relationship. By developing a strong bond, you can increase your Pokemon’s obedience and loyalty towards you.

In conclusion, disobedience can be frustrating for trainers, and identifying the root cause of disobedience is essential to fixing the problem. The three reasons your Pokemon don’t obey you are due to neglect, lack of discipline, and personality clashes. The solutions to these problems include taking care of your Pokemon’s needs, training and disciplining them, and developing a bond with them. By addressing these issues, you will be able to improve your Pokemon’s obedience levels and enjoy a better journey as a trainer.


1. Can disobedience be a result of poor Pokemon training?

Answer: Yes, poor training can result in disobedience from your Pokemon. Implementing proper training routines can increase your Pokemon’s obedience levels.

2. Can disobedience be caused by a medical condition?

Answer: Yes, disobedience can sometimes be a result of underlying medical issues. Visit the Pokemon Center to get your Pokemon checked and treated for any medical problems.

3. Can disobedience be a result of low happiness levels?

Answer: Yes, low happiness levels can make your Pokemon disobedient. Keep your Pokemon happy by showering them with attention, love, and care.

4. Can disobedience be a result of a lack of trust between the trainer and Pokemon?

Answer: Yes, trust is vital in developing a strong bond between the trainer and Pokemon. Establishing a bond will enhance obedience levels and overall loyalty towards you.

5. Can obedience levels change based on the Pokemon’s maturity level?

Answer: Yes, as Pokemon level up and mature, their obedience levels can increase. Keep training and spending time with them to improve their obedience and loyalty towards you.

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