3 Biggest Gaming Technology Trends to Watch – Out for in 2022

The gaming world keeps on changing with different innovative being introduced every year. Ever since the times of blocky and primitive sprites that most of us really enjoyed during our youth, today’s gamers are enjoying and exploring some of the best and most realistic 3D worlds while interacting with fellow players in real-time across the globe.

The infrastructure and developments put in place by game developers are built using cutting-edge technology. This includes super-powered PCs, ultra-fast internet, and cloud networking. Well, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting and unique trends that will impact the world of gaming in 2022.


1. Cloud Gaming

Ever since the introduction of home video games in 1970, gamers have understand the need and importance of upgrading to the newer vision of gaming consoles and computers after every five or more years. This ensures you get to play the greatest and latest releases. However, this paradigm might be ending soon.

Almost every big player within the video game industry has switched to cloud-based subscriptions services like Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, and Tencent. This model does not necessarily necessitate gamers to upgrade to power-hungry and expensive hardware like consoles and PCs. Instead, all you need is a smart TV and a lightweight streaming gadget like a FireTV or Chromecast.

Every activity will be taking place in a cloud-based center, with the output being displayed in your home in the form of streaming videos. The ongoing development of ultra-speed networks like the 5G also helps in bringing the world to a point where this new approach of delivering games will easily be accessible to a larger group of people than ever. Generally, while it’s not fully concluded that the current home gaming systems will fully disappear from our lives, 2022 will certainly see each gaming industry, including the movers and shakers throw in more resources to support their vision cloud-based and streaming future.

Virtual Reality

2. Virtual Reality

Gamers had already bought the idea of VR long before it became a thing in other industries such as real estate and even the military. The last five years have also seen a huge and gradual growth in the uptake of VR gaming. We have seen a rise in a number of high-profile franchises like Minecraft, Grand Theft, and Doom being accessible through this headset technology. Despite its cousin AR or augmented reality failing to have a successful impact even after a successful mainstream gaming implementation of Pokemon G over six years ago – VR is determined to provide an exciting and out-of-the-world gaming experience in 2022.

All this is attributed to a fall in the gaming hardware. Most of the consumer’s headsets like the Meta Quest 2 have become affordable. The gadget can function as a standalone gadget or as a device connected to the gaming PC to absorb the advantage of the available hardware and enable a more intense and graphically rich VR experience, making them more favorable.

The possibility of cloud VR becoming a reality in the coming future is possible. 2022 is also expected to experience the release of Apple’s most anticipated VR headset. This will certainly have a huge impact on VR gaming the same way iPhone impacted mobile gaming.


3. The Metaverse

While Microsoft and Facebook are in the process of creating persistent and immersive online worlds for leisure and work, millions of gamers across the globe have already absorbed the experience of assembling in the virtual universe and partake in different forms of entertainment, including blowing each other with missiles from a bridge and also the world of chess. 2022 will also see this in-game idea expanding to absorb other types of entertainment like music concepts or branded marketing pop-ups in the massive and popular Roblox world. This will undoubtedly impact the gaming world and culture.

With this, the biggest gaming franchises will have no option but to repurpose themselves, making it possible for a wider and more flexible user experience. While many gamers will still want to log into the up-to-date version of Call of Duty to fight their opponents and shoot guns, others will still find room to engage in chatting, socializing properly and different forms of shared interactions.

Game developers will gain value by keeping players hooked into these platforms by growing loyalty through subscriptions or transforming them into a huge and captive audience for marketing purposes.


2022 will certainly see gamers spoiled to choice, which will keep players engaged and free to spend their money on their favorite games. You can follow us to keep updated with these trends and any other gaming information.

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