1000 Subs in 100 Days – YouTube Growth

Even in 2020 YouTube remains the largest video platform there is. Backed up by Google, the world’s largest search engine, YouTube comes in second. While YouTube only allows video content in the form of pre-recorded videos and live streaming, the platform is used as a search engine.

Viewers flood the platform in hope to find answers on how to solve their problem. Today’s society does not have the time or attention span to read an article on how to fix their car, nevertheless the time to open up the owner’s manual and start turning pages. Google made it extremely easy to find the solution to a problem in seconds and YouTube does the same thing, but it goes one step further. YouTube provides the searcher with videos showing exactly how to tackle and resolve the issue.

While YouTube as a platform grew more and more, YouTubers started to gain celebrity like fame during their YouTube journey and YouTube now not only provides make-up tutorials and how-to videos, but also pure entertainment in the form of all kinds of videos. Seriously there is an audience for everything on YouTube. When YouTubers started to earn full time incomes only from YouTube’s ad revenue, the dream job of being a full time YouTuber was born. 

While the YouTubers subscriber count is not everything, it certainly helps to have a decent following when growing your brand on the platform.

Niching Down

The first step every YouTube channel needs to take is setting a direction for the channel. Every channel that has some measurable success on YouTube falls into a very specific niche, and channels with no or little direction, often achieve less success. Gurus often throw around the saying “Niche down in order to blow up”, and this could not be any more true. 

A niche does not only give your channel a direction to work towards, it also allows viewers to instantly see what your channel is all about, and subscribe. Viewers nine times out of ten came across your channel because they were looking for a very specific solution to their problem. If your video fills their needs, they often browse around to see what else your channel has to offer. 

If your channel is all over the place with no clear direction, the viewer is likely to click away and never come back, however; if your channel has a clear direction falling in line with the video the viewer just watched, the viewer is more inclined to subscribe and return, because you uploaded videos similar to his problem and you might be of help in the future.

Searchable Content

At the beginning of the article we established that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, search engine being the keyword here. We all browse YouTube for different reasons, but one thing we all have in common is that we are looking for a solution to our problem.

In order to find this solution we type very specific keywords into the search bar and expect certain results. 
As a small and upcoming YouTube channel keywords are your only hope to get exposure and find success on YouTube. Established channels have the advantage that whenever a new video is uploaded, a loyal army of viewers watched the video, resulting in tens of thousand engagements in a couple hours, and therefore YouTube pushing the video even further.

As a new channel this advantage does not exist. Choosing the right keywords is crucial for a video to blow up and get pushed by the YouTube algorithm.

When it comes to keyword research, Tubebuddy and Morningfame are two very useful tools that can help finding the right keywords to slap on your brand new YouTube video. The key aspect is to pick keywords that are highly searched, but not highly used. This will allow your video to rank on the first page when viewers are looking for the keyword.

In full disclosure, keyword research is not easy and can often take many hours to successfully complete. The more work and effort you put into your research the greater the results will be, and even as a small channel, you will be able to get videos to several thousand views.


Lastly consistency. The more consistent a channel’s uploads are, the more growth the channel will receive and the faster the channel will grow. At the end of the day the bases of every successful YouTube channel are returning viewers, people that come back to your YouTube channel to see if you released a new video, and they often come back for YOU.

They want to hear what YOU have to say. At this point you have established yourself as an authority in your niche and people respect and value your opinion. Now it is important that you stay consistent and deliver more content.

You almost want to create a TV show like effect on your channel to the point that when, as an example, Tuesday rolls around, your audience EXPECTS another video of yours and looks forward to every Tuesday.
Stay consistent. If you know you will run into a busy week or busy month, batch your videos and get them all ready in advance, upload them to YouTube and use YouTube’s schedule feature to roll them out automatically.
Success on YouTube does not happen overnight. It takes a long time and dedication to stand out of the crowd and establish a YouTube channel. 

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