10 Thick Mouse Pads To Give Your Wrist Comfort While Gaming

As a gamer, long hours of gameplay can take a toll on your wrist. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable mouse pad that can ease your wrist pain, then this article is tailored for you. We’ve scoured the market and picked the 10 best thick mouse pads that are designed to provide maximal comfort while gaming. Take a look!

1. Glorious PC Gaming Race XL Heavy Desk Mat

If you’re looking for a massive mouse pad that covers your entire desk, then the Glorious PC Gaming Race XL Heavy Desk Mat could be a great option. This mouse pad measures 36 inches wide and 18 inches high, providing plenty of space for your mouse and keyboard. The thick foam cushioning can help to reduce strain on your wrist, and the smooth surface ensures that your mouse movements are precise.

2. Corsair MM800C RGB Polaris Mouse Pad

This clever mouse pad from Corsair has a built-in LED lighting system that can sync with other Corsair RGB products. Beneath the stylish surface lies a thicker-than-normal padding that can help to support your wrist during extended gaming sessions. The surface is optimized for both laser and optical mouse sensors and delivers a smooth, accurate tracking experience.

3. Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma is a stylish and functional mouse pad that features a micro-textured cloth surface that’s optimized for quick, accurate mouse movements. The Chroma lighting system can be customized using the Razer Synapse software, and the extra-thick cushioning provides superior wrist support. The pad measures in at an impressive 36 inches long and 16.1 inches wide.

4. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

The SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface is a dependable and durable option that boasts over 10 million sold globally. The mouse pad is designed with a high-density rubber foam that ensures a comfortable gaming environment for your wrist. The anti-slip base ensures that the pad stays in place no matter how much wrist movement you make. The surface has a micro-woven cloth material that provides accurate tracking for your laser and optical mice.

5. HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

The HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a thick and comfortable mouse pad. The six millimeters of padding can help to alleviate wrist fatigue, and the anti-slip backing ensures that the pad stays put. The Fury S Pro has a durable stitched frame that provides long-lasting protection against tearing.

6. Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

The Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is a high-quality alternative to some of the other pads on this list. The surface is designed with a moderate surface friction that creates the ideal traction for both optical and laser sensors. The soft, thick padding is comfortable for your wrists and is extra-large, providing you with ample space for your mouse and keyboard.

7. Roccat Taito Control

The Roccat Taito Control is a mouse pad that is designed for players who need pinpoint precision. It has a high-quality build that’s optimized for tight control and quick motions. The fabric surface provides a good grip, which is important to avoid slipping. Moreover, its thickness of 3 millimeters ensures that your wrist is rested and comfortable during gameplay.

8. BenQ Zowie G-SR

The BenQ Zowie G-SR is a cloth-based mouse pad that has been designed for low sensitivity players. The surface is optimized for a slow and steady glide but fits perfectly with a range of mouse types. The 4-millimeter thick foam ensures a comfortable gaming session for your wrist, and the anti-slip rubber base prevents any sliding during gameplay.

9. Asus ROG Scabbard

The Asus ROG Scabbard is a large mouse pad that measures in at 35.4 inches wide and 15.7 inches high. It’s perfect for gamers who want an unobstructed surface with enough room for both their mouse and keyboard. The surface has been designed with a textured Cordura fabric that delivers excellent accuracy and precision in-game. The bottom of the pad has a non-slip base, and its thickness of 2 millimeters means that your wrist will stay comfortable even in prolonged gaming sessions.

10. Corsair MM300 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

The Corsair MM300 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is perfect for those who want an extended pad size that’s both comfortable and stylish. The pad measures in at 36.6 inches wide and 11.8 inches high, providing an enormous amount of space for your mouse, keyboard, and other gaming accessories. The 3 millimeters of padding is enough to cushion your wrist during gameplay, and the anti-slip base ensures that the pad remains in place.


Long hours of gaming can take a toll on your wrist, but with the right mouse pad, you can reduce the strain and have an enjoyable gaming experience. The ideal mouse pad should be thick, comfortable, and built to provide accurate mouse control. The top 10 mouse pads on this list are all high-quality options designed to provide maximum wrist comfort while gaming.


Q. Are thick mouse pads better than thin ones?
A. Yes! Thick mouse pads offer greater support for your wrist, reducing the risk of strain and injury.

Q. Can I clean my mouse pad?
A. Yes, you can clean most mouse pads. Simply follow the cleaning instructions that are often found on the product packaging.

Q. How long should a mouse pad last?
A. With proper care and maintenance, a good quality mouse pad can last for several years.

Q. Are all mouse pads compatible with optical and laser mice?
A. No, not all mouse pads are designed to be used with both optical and laser mice. Make sure to check the product specifications before making your purchase.

Q. Should I opt for a larger mouse pad?
A. A larger mouse pad provides more space for your mouse movement and provides a more comfortable surface for your keyboard as well. However, it may not be ideal for those who don’t have enough desk space.

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