10 Addictive Games Like Path of Exile You Can’t Resist Playing

Are you a fan of Path of Exile and looking for some similar games that can keep you hooked for hours? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of 10 addictive games like Path of Exile that you won’t be able to resist playing.

1. Diablo III
Released in 2012, Diablo III is still going strong and is a popular choice among gamers who love action role-playing games. The game has a similar gameplay style to Path of Exile, where players can choose from a variety of character classes and explore the world of Sanctuary while battling demons and other foes.

2. Torchlight II
Torchlight II is a classic dungeon crawler game filled with loot, monsters, and action. With four different character classes and an extensive skill tree, players have a lot of customization options to create their ideal hero. The game also has a multiplayer mode, so you can team up with friends to tackle the challenges together.

3. Grim Dawn
In Grim Dawn, players take on the role of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters and other dangers. With an intricate crafting system and a vast array of skills, players can create their unique character and explore the game’s world while battling monsters and collecting loot.

4. Titan Quest
Released in 2006, Titan Quest is another action role-playing game that has stood the test of time. Set in ancient Greece and Egypt, players can choose from a variety of character classes and embark on a journey through mythological worlds while battling monsters and earning experience points.

5. Warframe
Warframe is a sci-fi third-person shooter game with a strong emphasis on co-op gameplay and customization. Players control members of an ancient race of warriors called Tenno, who have powerful weapons and abilities at their disposal. The game’s sprawling sci-fi world and fast-paced action make it a great alternative to Path of Exile.

6. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic novel, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an action role-playing game set in a gothic world filled with monsters and supernatural beings. Players control the son of the famous Van Helsing and embark on a quest to destroy the evil creatures that plague the land.

7. Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 is a sci-fi action role-playing game that takes place on the planet Pandora, a harsh and unforgiving world filled with bandits, monsters, and hostile wildlife. With several playable characters, each with unique abilities and skill trees, players can customize their characters to suit their playstyle.

8. Path of Diablo
For those who love Path of Exile but want a fresh experience, Path of Diablo is an excellent alternative. This Diablo II mod features new skills, monsters, and items while retaining the classic gameplay style of the original game.

9. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem
Released in early 2020, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an action role-playing game that has already gained a loyal following among gamers. The game features a unique skill customization system, allowing players to mix and match different abilities to create their unique playstyle. The game also boasts stunning graphics and a rich fantasy world.

10. Torchlight III
Torchlight III is the latest entry in the Torchlight series, featuring new character classes, skills, and a new game world to explore. The game’s colorful graphics and addictive gameplay make it an excellent alternative for fans of Path of Exile.

In conclusion, for fans of action role-playing games and dungeon crawlers, these 10 games like Path of Exile are sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment. With each game offering its unique gameplay style and customization options, there is something here for everyone.


1. Is Path of Exile free-to-play?
Yes, Path of Exile is a free-to-play game with optional microtransactions.

2. Can I play Torchlight II with my friends?
Yes, Torchlight II features multiplayer co-op mode, allowing you to play with friends.

3. How much does Diablo III cost?
Diablo III costs $19.99 for the standard edition and $39.99 for the Eternal Collection.

4. Is Grim Dawn a single-player game?
Grim Dawn can be played both single-player and multiplayer.

5. Is Warframe pay-to-win?
No, Warframe is not pay-to-win, and all items in the game can be earned without spending real money.

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