1) Unleash the Power of Electrike in Pokemon Emerald: Tips and Strategies

Unleash the Power of Electrike in Pokemon Emerald: Tips and Strategies

Pokemon Emerald is a perfect example of a game that is beloved amongst the fans of the Pokemon franchise. The game, released in 2004, is still played by many gamers worldwide, despite the introduction of newer Pokemon games. One of the unique features of Pokemon Emerald is the wide array of Pokemon species, each with their own stats, abilities, and moves. Electrike, a popular Pokemon species amongst the fans, is often overlooked because of its relatively low-level evolution. However, with the right strategy, Electrike can be a powerful addition to your Pokemon team. In this article, we will discuss how to unleash the power of Electrike in Pokemon Emerald, sharing tips and strategies to make the most of this underrated Pokemon species.

Introduction to Electrike

Before we dive into our tips and strategies, let’s introduce Electrike. As an Electric-type Pokemon, Electrike has significant potential in the game. It has a high speed stat, meaning it can outspeed some of the other Pokemon species in the game. It also possesses a special move, Thunder Wave, which can paralyze the opponent, making it slower and less effective in battle. Electrike’s appearance may not be so impressive, but its abilities are not to be underestimated.

Tip #1: Train Electrike’s Speed Stat

As mentioned earlier, Electrike has a high-speed stat, making it a fast Pokemon species. One of the vital strategies for using Electrike is to train its speed stat even further. With a higher speed stat, Electrike can move first in battle, allowing you to deal the first blow. To do this, make sure to train Electrike in the Speed EV (Effort Values), which can enhance its speed stat by up to 252 points. You can do this by battling Pokemon species that give out Speed EVs such as Swellow, Roselia, and Carvanha.

Tip #2: Use Thunder Wave

Another useful tip is to use Thunder Wave, Electrike’s special move. This move can paralyze your opponent, which not only lowers their speed, but it also has a chance of immobilizing them for a turn. This move is particularly useful when going up against faster opponents or opponents who rely on physical attacks, as it can make them less effective in battle. However, keep in mind that Thunder Wave may not work on some Pokemon species with the ability Limber which makes them immune to paralysis. Almost all Electric Pokemon suffer from Ground moves, so you must watch out for this type during the battle.

Tip #3: Teach Electrike Shock Wave

Electrike can learn Shock Wave, an Electric-type move that never misses. It is a powerful move compared to its special ability Thunder Wave, as it deals damage in addition to bypassing any evasion moves like Double Team. Besides, you can modify Shock Wave with a TM (Technical Machine) known as Thunderbolt, one of the most reliable Electric moves in the game. You can acquire it at the Mauville Game Corner or by defeating Lt. Surge.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Electrike’s Levitate Ability

Electrike’s hidden ability is Levitate, which makes it immune to Ground-type moves. This ability is particularly useful when going up against opponents who have a Ground-type Pokemon, as Electrike can avoid being damaged by Ground-type moves. Levitate also helps Electrike to switch in safely without worrying about the downside of the move Spikes or move Toxic Spikes. However, keep in mind that it’s not immune to the move Mold Breaker, which negates and cancels out abilities like Levitate.

Strategy #1: Use Electrike as a Support Pokemon

Electrike’s speed stat and Thunder Wave move make it an excellent choice for a support Pokemon. By paralyzing your opponents, it can lower their speed stat, which can help your other Pokemon species to move first in battle. You can also use Electrike to inflict paralysis when your opponent is about to use their most powerful attack, thus reducing its effectiveness. Additionally, you can use its move Thunder Wave to make the opponent’s Pokemon easier to catch when in the wild.

Strategy #2: Use Electrike as a Sweeper Pokemon

As we mentioned earlier, Electrike has a high-speed stat, making it a fast Pokemon species. You can use this to your advantage by using it as a sweeper Pokemon, which can move first and take down your opponent’s entire team. Its Shock Wave move, along with its special ability, make it a powerful offensive player, as it deals significant damage while avoiding attacks from Ground-type Pokemon.


Unleashing the potential of Electrike in Pokemon Emerald is all about using its speed stat and Thunder Wave move to your advantage. By training its speed stat and teaching it Shock Wave, as well as considering its levitate ability and using it as a support or sweeper Pokemon, you can make Electrike a powerful addition to your Pokemon team. Overall, with the right strategy and practice, Electrike can become one of the best Pokemon species in your team.


1. What types of Pokemon can Electrike battle against effectively?

As an Electric-type Pokemon, Electrike is effective against Water and Flying-type Pokemon. It is also immune to Ground-type moves due to its hidden ability, Levitate.

2. What is Electrike’s best move?

Electrike has several strong moves, but its most powerful would be Shock Wave, which it can modify with a TM called Thunderbolt.

3. Can Electrike be caught in the wild, or do you have to evolve it?

Electrike can be found in the wild, but at a relatively low encounter rate. You can also acquire one by evolving a Minun.

4. What is the best way to train Electrike?

The best way to train Electrike is by giving it a specific item called the Macho Brace, which doubles the amount of EV points gained by the Pokemon. Additionally, you can battle Pokemon species that give out Speed Effort Values.

5. Is Electrike a good choice for competitive battles?

It depends on the situation, but Electrike can be a useful Pokemon species in competitive battles if used correctly. Its speed stat and Thunder Wave move can make it a viable choice for a support or sweeper Pokemon.

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